5. 确定您的活动预算。您的预算可能取决于以下因素:推广活动的持续时间、即将到来的节日和特别活动,以及您要推出的新品数量。wish商户平台还在底部为您展示了计算预算上限的公式。

请注意,ProductBoost 推广活动设有每产品每日最低预算。如果您设置的预算低于此最低预算值,系统将显示错误消息:“预算必须大于或等于 US$X”(X 值基于最低预算和活动持续天数)。

目前,部分商户可享受限时 ProductBoost 优惠项目:奖励预算。具体而言,若这些商户在 ProductBoost 活动中设置的每产品每日预算高于特定阈值(具体阈值将在商户平台的“设置预算”部分显示),他们就可以选择领取相应的“奖励预算”。“奖励预算”优惠具体如下:

  • 商户可在原先设定的活动预算基础上,选择添加“奖励预算”。

  • “奖励预算”额度是您设定的 ProductBoost 活动预算的30%。

  • 此项限时优惠中,“奖励预算”额度中50%的费用将由 Wish 支付。


某商户的店铺可使用“奖励预算”,且其将 ProductBoost 活动预算设定为20美元(此例中的阈值是15.2美元,见下图),那么其可添加的“奖励预算”额度为6美元(20美元的30%)。在此情况下,如果该商户勾选了“我希望获得奖励预算”复选框,则可为此 ProductBoost 活动添加的总预算为:20 + 6 = 26美元(如下图所示)。如果此 ProductBoost 活动最终花费了26美元的总预算,则“奖励预算”中的3美元(6美元的50%)将由 Wish 支付。



通过 API 创建 ProductBoost 推广活动:

如需详细了解如何通过 API 创建 ProductBoost 推广活动,请访问以下 API 文档:https://merchant.wish.com/documentation/api/v3/reference#operation/createCampaign。您也可以参阅 ProductBoost API 总览文档,了解其他可以通过 API 实现的 ProductBoost 相关工作。 

通过上传 CSV 文件创建 ProductBoost 推广活动:

请参阅此分步指南,了解如何通过上传 CSV 文件创建 ProductBoost 推广活动。

如需详细了解如何优化 ProductBoost 推广活动,请参阅“ProductBoost 最佳实践”!


5. Determine how much you are willing to spend to get your products in front of more customers. Your budget may depend on factors such as: duration of the campaigns, upcoming holidays and special events, and the number of new products you are launching. We will also show you the formula of calculating your maximum budget on the bottom.

Note that there’s a minimum budget per product per day required. If you set a budget that is lower than the minimum budget threshold, you will receive an error message that states “Budget must be greater than or equal to $X” (X is based on the minimum budget and the number of days you decide to run the campaign).

An additional limited-time promotional offering called Reward Budget is currently available to select merchants. Specifically, select merchants can claim the Reward Budget discounts if their ProductBoost campaign budget is set at above a certain threshold per product per day (the exact threshold amount will be shown to merchants in the “Set a budget” section in Merchant Dashboard). Reward Budget offers the following discounted budget:

  • Merchants have the option to add the Reward Budget to the budget amount they set for a ProductBoost campaign.

  • Reward Budget is an additional 30% of the ProductBoost campaign budget that merchants set.

  • Wish covers 50% of the cost of the Reward Budget.


A merchant with access to Reward Budget sets her ProductBoost campaign budget to be $20 (the threshold amount is noted as $15.20 in this case; see screenshot below). The Reward Budget will be $6 (30% of $20). If merchants select the “I would like to receive the Reward Budget” checkbox, the total budget for the ProductBoost campaign would be $20 + $6 = $26 (as shown in the example screenshot below). If all $26 of the ProductBoost campaign budget are spent, $3 (50% of $6) of the Reward Budget will be paid by Wish.

Once you complete all information above, click "Save campaign". 

Congratulations! You just created your first campaign. You will be able to view your running campaigns by navigating to ProductBoost > List Campaigns.

Create ProductBoost campaigns via API:

To learn more about creating ProductBoost campaigns via API, please visit the following API documentation: https://merchant.wish.com/documentation/api/v3/reference#operation/createCampaign. You may also consult the general ProductBoost API documentation for other types of ProductBoost-related tasks you can do.

Create ProductBoost campaigns via CSV Upload:

Please refer to this step-by-step guide for details on how to create ProductBoost campaigns via CSV upload.

For more information on how to optimize your ProductBoost campaigns, read the ProductBoost Best Practice!