Q1. How does eBay charge me if the item I buy doesn't match the original promotional image?

If you want to return a product, offer the buyer an additional refund via PayPal. The amount you will refund during the return process will only be the original price plus the original shipping. If it is a domestic return process, and the eBay return label is automatically sent to the buyer, once the buyer uses the return label (with a collection record), the corresponding return shipping fee will be charged in the monthly bill. 

Q2. What if no return is received, or the buyer returns the goods in the wrong way?

If a buyer uses a return service with a tracking number and the seller receives an incorrect or false return item, we recommend reporting the buyer's actions.

If the buyer does not upload a return tracking number, or uses a return service that does not have a tracking number, please contact the buyer to confirm the return time if the seller does not receive the return. 

Q3. I will ask the buyer to arrange the movement label for return, and I will be responsible for the freight. But the buyer used a very expensive method of shipping, which far exceeded my original cost. May I submit this request?

Suggest you communicate with the buyer first, decide to choose which kind of transport means, freight is how much, after reaching an agreement, the freight is refunded. Be sure to show the buyer that you have committed to pay the return shipping, complete the actual payment of the shipping, and keep a screenshot record of the PayPal payment. 

Q4. What happens if the buyer misuses the return request?

The buyer apparently changed his mind and asked for a return, but when selecting the reason for return, he chose the reason that the item did not match the description. If you think the buyer is abusing the return request, you can report it to the buyer. The eBay Seller Protection Team will investigate and in some cases we will step in and declare that it is not your fault. Buyers who abuse the system can have their accounts frozen or even be removed from the platform. We will also notify you via email after we have provided you with protection.