1. A+ 物流计划加拿大路向有哪些不支持的产品类别?

请参阅其他文章的“3. A+ 物流计划有哪些不支持的禁运品类?”部分,查看 A+ 物流计划不支持的禁运品类列表。

商户应在 WishPost 中正确申报特殊产品或敏感产品。同时,在包装敏感产品时,请务必确保从仓库到目的地之间的各种操作过程中的安全问题,包括运输、清关和用户拆包等过程。

2. 订单配送仓库

请参阅此篇文章的” A+ 物流计划订单配送仓库地址“部分了解详情。

3. 税务相关信息

加拿大个人包裹海关免税额为20加元。目前,A+ 物流计划的物流合作伙伴提供含税服务,商户无需支付额外费用。

如果您对 A+ 物流计划加拿大路向订单还有其他疑问,请与 WishPost 客服联系,wish平台会尽快给您答复。


3. Are there any product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program for Canada-bound orders?

Please consult "3. Product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program" in this article for a complete list of unsupported product categories.

Merchants should properly declare special or sensitive products in WishPost. In addition, when packaging sensitive products, please ensure safety during various processes from warehouses to destinations, including transportation, customs clearance, and customers unpacking.

4. Order delivery warehouse

Please consult "7. Warehouse address(es) to deliver Advanced Logistics Program orders to" in this article for details.

5. Tax-related information

Canada's personal parcel customs tax allowance is 20 Canadian dollars. Currently, the Advanced Logistics Program logistics partner provides tax-inclusive services, and merchants do not need to pay extra fees.

If you have more questions about the Advanced Logistics Program for Canada-bound orders, please do not hesitate to contact WishPost Customer Services, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.