为了帮助wish商户从中国大陆地区以外的仓库配送芬兰路向订单,以减少妥投时间并改善用户体验,商户可以直接在商户平台上将某些芬兰路向订单从 A+ 物流计划中移除,然后从中国大陆地区以外的仓库发货,以更快妥投。

具体来说,商户可以选择从 A+ 物流计划中移除芬兰路向订单,然后从中国大陆地区以外的仓库发货。

首先在“操作”下拉菜单中点击“从 A+ 计划中移除”,在随后出现的弹窗中同意相关要求,然后在商户平台上为这些订单选择一个非中国大陆地区的“发货地国家/地区”:


请注意,此类订单的配送需要符合商户政策5.8中的要求:对于此类由商户移除的 A+ 物流计划订单,商户必须通过一家提供妥投确认跟踪(最后一英里跟踪)的 Wish 认可的可确认妥投物流服务商来配送。因此,对于这些订单,商户还必须符合商户政策5.4和商户政策7.5中概述的确认妥投时限要求。


如果您对 A+ 物流计划芬兰路向订单还有其他疑问,请与 WishPost 客服联系,wish平台会尽快给您答复。


7. How to remove Finland-bound Advanced Logistics Program orders from the program and ship them from warehouses outside of Mainland China?

To help merchants ship their Finland-bound orders from their warehouses outside Mainland China with reduced delivery time and improved customer experience, merchants may remove certain Finland-bound orders from the Advanced Logistics Program directly in Merchant Dashboard, and ship these orders from their warehouses outside Mainland China to ensure faster delivery time.

Specifically, merchants may choose to remove a Finland-bound order from the Advanced Logistics Program and ship it from their warehouses outside Mainland China by first clicking "Remove from A+ Program" in the "Actions" drop down menu, agreeing to the popup modal descriptions that follow, and then selecting a non-Mainland China “Origin Country/Region” in Merchant Dashboard for these orders:

Note that shipping these types of orders is subject to requirements in Merchant Policy 5.8: For these types of merchant-removed Advanced Logistics Program orders, merchants are required to ship them with one of the Qualified Confirmed Delivery Shipping Carriers that provides tracking with delivery confirmation (last-mile tracking). As such, merchants must also comply with the confirmed delivery timeline requirements outlined in Merchant Policy 5.4 and Merchant Policy 7.5 for these orders.

If these types of orders have been found to be shipped from warehouses within Mainland China, merchants will be penalized $100* per noncompliant order.

If you have more questions about the Advanced Logistics Program for Finland-bound orders, please do not hesitate to contact WishPost Customer Services, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.