VAT (Value-Added Tax) 即增值税,在欧洲一般是一种消费税。VAT 几乎适用于所有在欧洲销售的商品,消费者在购买这类商品时可能会被征收 VAT。



需要注意的是,欧盟各国家和不同类型的产品的增值税税率是不同的。Wish 建议商户根据各个国家/地区的增值税管理局网站上的规定来确定正确的增值税税率。

Wish 平台上的每一位商户都有遵守增值税规定的责任。如果您不清楚自己有哪些义务,请向税务顾问咨询。如需了解关于增值税的更多信息,请访问以下链接:


1. What is VAT?

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, which is, in general, a consumption tax in Europe. This tax applies to almost all goods sold in Europe. VAT may be charged to consumers upon purchase of the product. 

Determining whether you have VAT obligations in an EU member state depends on how you carry out your business, i.e. country of establishment of your business, location of your inventory, level of sales that exceed certain country thresholds. 

If you are required to charge VAT on sales, your business has to be VAT registered in the relevant country’s jurisdiction. You must ensure timely remittance of VAT and fulfillment of other local laws and regulations. 

It is important to note that the VAT rates vary between EU countries and between certain types of products. Wish recommends relying on each individual country’s VAT authority website to determine the correct VAT rate.

It is the responsibility of each Wish seller to ensure they are VATcompliant. Please seek tax advice if you are unsure of your obligations. Learn more about VAT in the link below: