1、wish商户必须遵守《欧盟市场监管法规 (EU) 2019/1020》中规定的各项义务,包括但不限于为销往相关地区的适用产品提供责任人

若商户因任何原因违反了《欧盟市场监管法规 (EU) 2019/1020》,则其产品可能会被禁止在欧盟销售(包括但不限于相关产品/品类的曝光量被屏蔽)。此外,违规商户可能会面临赔款、账户暂停,以及监管机构、海关和/或 Wish 依据商户政策做出的其他惩处。




2、商户提供给 Wish 的责任人信息必须真实准确


* 此金额可按商户的本地货币计算,且/或受商户政策11约束。


13Other Regulatory Compliance

Last updated on June 14, 2021

13.1Merchants must comply with their independent obligations under the Market Surveillance Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, including but not limited to, providing a Responsible Person(s) for certain applicable products sold into relevant markets

If a merchant is determined to be in violation of the Market Surveillance Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 for any reason, their products may be restricted for sale in the European Union (including but not limited to, impression blocks on applicable products/product categories). Additionally, their account may incur other monetary penalties and/or face suspension, in addition to facing other potential repercussions by either regulators, customs agents, and/or Wish under applicable Wish Merchant Policies.

Products sold into the following relevant markets are subject to this policy:

European Union
Northern Ireland

Learn more about the Market Surveillance Regulation and Responsible Person

13.2Merchants must provide Wish with truthful and accurate information regarding Responsible Persons

If a merchant is determined to have provided inaccurate or fraudulent information about a Responsible Person for their products, the merchant’s account is subject to being penalized up to $500*, facing suspension, and/or store impression block.

* This amount may be calculated in the merchant’s local currency and/or be subject to Merchant Policy 11.