在计划的活动结束后,请在“ProductBoost”标签内点击选择“List Campaigns”(“所有活动列表”)。然后点击已完成的活动ID,进入活动详情页面内查看活动数据,数据包括活动期间的流量、订单、销售额等。


1. 导航至“ProductBoost”标签内的“List Campaigns”页面。

2. 此处,您将被导向“管理您的活动”页面。

3. 点击“活动ID”。

4. 您将进入活动详情页面。

5. 点击相关按钮查看活动数据或账单。

6. 点击“查看业绩表现”查看指定产品的表现。您可以查看该产品的各项数据,包括:表现总览、产品状态、GM及订单、流量、退款、产品评分、产品反馈



How do I see ProductBoost campaign results?

After the scheduled campaign ends, select "List All Campaigns" from the ProductBoost tab. Then, click on the completed campaign ID to be redirected to the specific campaign page. There, you'll see product impressions, sales, and GMV during the campaign.  

Steps to View Campaign Results

1. Navigate to ProductBoost > List All Campaigns

2. You will be redirected to the ‘Manage your campaigns’ page here.

3. Click on the ‘Campaign ID’.

4. You will be redirected to the details page for that campaign.

5. Click on the tabs to see the campaign’s performance or the invoice for the campaign.

6. Click on ‘View' under 'Performance’ to see that specific product’s performance. For that product you will be able to see Performance Overview, Product Listing Status, GMV & Orders, Impressions, Refunds, Product Ratings, and Product Feedback.

Contact us at productboost@wish.com if you have any questions/issues/feedback.