为了帮助wish商户跟踪降价赋能活动的业绩,从活动开始后的第一天起,他们就可以查看产品每天的总曝光量和 GMV:

此外,商户还可以在“正在进行”标签页上查看活动的 GMV 收益和曝光量收益:

另外,商户也可以点击活动 ID 打开单独的“降价赋能产品业绩”页面,查看活动期间的详细业绩分析,包括 GMV 和曝光量增益:


Track Price Drop campaign performance

To help merchants track the performance of their Price Drop campaigns, they will also be able to view the products’ total impressions and GMV on a daily basis, starting on the first day after the campaigns begin:

In addition, merchants can view the GMV gains and impression gains of their campaigns on the “On-going” tab:

Alternatively, merchants can also click on the Campaign ID to arrive at a separate Price Drop Product Performance page to view detailed performance insights during the campaign, including GMV and impression gains: