Wish看重 ProductBoost商户的哪些品质?

首先,感谢您成为 ProductBoost 商户。该项目的目标是为所有商户提供平等的竞争环境,无论您身在何处、使用哪种语言、何时加入wish商户平台,以及您的业务规模如何。


希望您能找出wish商户平台的不足之处,并能给出更好的见解。wish商户平台希望您向我们证明您确实拥有优秀的产品(和可选关键词),这些产品以前很难在 Wish 上获得曝光,但使用wish商户平台的曝光量提升功能后,可能比wish商户平台目前向用户展示的产品更有效。如果您能打败wish商户平台,定会赚到更多钱!

眼光敏锐、实力不凡并且踏实肯干是 Wish 寻找的 ProductBoost 商户的关键品质。


Q: What qualities of merchants do Wish look for in ProductBoost?

First of all, thank you for being a ProductBoost merchant. The goal of the program is to provide an equal playing field for all merchants, no matter where you are, what language you speak, when you join, and what size of your business.

We want to reward those who know their products well, who put diligent efforts in working together with our platform to deliver the best value to our customers. We welcome the competition!

We want you to find where we did not do well and to prove us wrong. We want you to show us that you have great products (with optional keywords), previously hard-to-get exposure on Wish, that can be more efficient (in terms of the usage of our impressions) than the products we are showing to our customers. If you can beat us, you make more money!

Sharp, competitiveness and working hard, these are the key qualities of merchants Wish is looking for in ProductBoost.