Wish Express 是订单履行项目吗?

Wish Express 不是订单履行项目。商户须自行将订单配送至用户,且必须在 Wish Express 规定的妥投时限内(即5个工作日内,商户政策10.2中列出的12个国家/地区除外)。如果您想参加 Wish 提供的订单履行项目,请点击此处,了解有关 Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) 和 Fulfillment By Store (FBS) 的更多信息。


2. Is Wish Express a fulfillment program?

Wish Express is not a fulfillment program. Merchants are responsible for delivering orders to customers within the timeline required by Wish Express (i.e., 5 or fewer business days for all Wish-supported destinations, with the exception of the 12 countries listed in Merchant Policy 10.2). If you are interested in joining a Wish-offered fulfillment program, please visit here for more information on Fulfillment By Wish and Fulfillment By Store.