Vine 错误

在您完成 Vine 注册后,我们会在 Vine 控制面板中直接显示您的注册中存在的错误。如果需要对注册采取措施,我们会将其显示在控制面板顶部,以便您尽快采取适当措施。


  • 评论过多: 当注册商品的评论达到 Vine 计划所要求的 30 条上限时,会出现该错误。此时,我们将停止向 Vine Voice 提供该商品。您无需采取任何措施,您的注册将自动结束。

  • 亚马逊物流商品: 当 SKU 没有其亚马逊物流商品时,会出现该错误。要解决此问题,可以将您的商品再次转变为亚马逊物流商品。

  • 无图片: 如果商品没有符合要求的图片,会出现该错误。要解决此问题,可以向您的商品信息上传新的高品质图片。

  • 将 SKU 与您的品牌进行关联: 当 SKU 未与您在亚马逊品牌注册中成为注册代理的品牌建立关联时,会出现该错误。请访问亚马逊品牌注册帮助页面,详细了解如何将您的 SKU 与您的品牌进行关联。

  • 未与注册的父商品相关联: 注册的商品不再属于同一商品变体系列。要解决此问题,请取消注册并重新注册商品系列。


Vine errors

After you complete a Vine enrollment, we will surface any errors with your enrollment directly in the Vine dashboard. Any time an enrollment has an action required, we will bring it to the top of your dashboard for you to take appropriate action as quickly as possible.

The different errors are as follows:

  • Too many reviews: Occurs when the enrolled product reached the 30 reviews limit to make it eligible for Vine. At this point we will stop offering the product to Vine Voices. You do not need to take any action and your enrollment will automatically be concluded.

  • No FBA offer: Occurs when the SKU lost its FBA offer. You can fix it by converting your offer to FBA again.

  • No image: Occurs when the product does not have a compliant image. You can fix it by uploading a new high-quality image to your listing.

  • Associate SKU with your brand: Occurs when the SKU is not associated with a brand that you are the registered agent for in Brand Registry. Visit the Brand Registry help page for more information on how to associate your SKUs with your brand.

  • Not associated with the enrolled parent: The enrolled product is no longer part of the same product variation family. To fix this, cancel your enrollment and re-enroll the product family.