如果您将多个用户订单合并到一个包裹中,且合并后的货值(用户支付的产品价格总额)预计将大于150欧元(不包括运费、税费等用户支付的所有其他费用),您将需要负责代用户将增值税支付给货代(即使该包裹内的订单并没有“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记)。因此,请wish商户务必单独履行每个用户订单。

请注意,“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记是按商户平台或 Merchant Plus 平台上的单个订单 ID 添加的,没有考虑合并包裹的情况。Wish 默认为1个订单 ID 就是1个货物/包裹,并在用户结账时向用户预收增值税

因此,如果商户将多个订单 ID 合并到一个包裹中,导致整个包裹的用户支付价格总额大于150欧元,那么即使单个订单的用户支付价格小于或等于150欧元,并且没有显示“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记,wish商户也需要负责代用户将增值税支付给货代。


How does combining packages affect VAT for EU-bound orders?

If you choose to combine several individual customer orders into one shipment, and the combined total expected customer-paid product price is greater than €150 for the corresponding consignment (excluding all other customer payments such as shipping and taxes), you will be responsible for remitting VAT to freight forwarders (even though individual orders are not flagged as “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required”). 

As such, merchants must fulfill customer orders individually in all cases.

Please note that the “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” flag is placed on individual Order IDs in the Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus dashboard, and does not take into account combining packages. Specifically, Wish assumes by default that 1 Order ID is equal to 1 consignment/package and pre-collect VAT at checkout from customers. Therefore, if merchants combine multiple Order IDs into one package/consignment, causing the total customer-paid product price of the entire consignment to be greater than €150, merchants will still be responsible for remitting VAT to freight forwarders, even if the individual orders' customer-paid price is less than or equal to €150, and do not have the “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” flags shown.