Part One

1.We accept the claim, but can you tell me how much you want us to compensate you for the loss?


2.We will give your request for claims immediate attention.


3.We will get this matter resolved as soon as possible and hope to compensate you for your loss to your satisfaction.


4.We’d like to express our sincere apologies for the poor quality of the products.


5.We regret to hear that the goods you received are not of the quality expected.


6.We are very sorry for the trouble cause by this delay.因延误造成的麻烦深表歉意

7.We agree to accept all your claim.


8.I ’ ll go to your company tomorrow in person to talk about the claim.


9.We regret the loss you have suffered and agree to compensate you $800.

我们为你方遭受的损失表示歉意并同意赔偿 800 美金

10.We agree to compensate you for the detective watches by 5% of the total value.

我们同意就缺陷手表赔偿总金额的  5%

11.We will make you a compensation of 6% and give you some preferential terms later on.

我们将赔偿 6%并在今后给你特别条款

12.Since the responsibility rests with both parties, we are ready to pay 50% of the loss only.

既然双方都有责任,我们准备仅付  50%

13.We have credited to your account  £760 to cover both the value of the goods short delivered and your inspection fee.

我们已汇 760 美金,包括迟交货损失和贵司检查费

14.We shall remit to you an amount of £2,000 in compensation for the loss.

我们将汇损失赔偿金额  2,000 美金

15.We are willing to give you an 18% allowance of the next shipment to compensate you for the loss.

我们愿在下批货给你 18%的补偿来赔偿你方损失 Part Two

16.You should claim compensation from the insurance company .


17.A thorough examination showed that the broken bags were due to improper packing, for which the suppliers should be held responsible.


18.As the shipping  company is  liable for  the damage, your claim for  compensation  should , in our opinion, be referred to them for settlement.


19.The claim should be referred to the insurance company. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for it.


20.Your claim, in our opinion, should be referred to the insurance company, as the mishap occurred after shipment.


21.Since the damage was due to the rough handling by the steamship company, you should claim on it for recovery of the loss.


22.You should claim compensation from the shipping company instead of the sellers.


23.We are prepared to make you a reasonable compensation, but not the amount you claimed.


24.The shortage  you claimed  might  have occurred  in the  course of transit,  which is  out of our control.


25.The shipping documents can prove that the goods, when shipped, were in perfect condition. They must have been damaged en route.


26.Your proposal to settle the claim is satisfactory. We  ’ ll take it.


27.It seems we shall not be held liable for the shortage.


28.The damage to the machine-tools occurred in transit, so you should make a claim on the insurance company.


29.I ’ m sorry to hear that. I think after we make an investigation of the matter, we   ’ ll consider the allowance. Is it OK ?


30.I ’ ll try to find out why the shirts we sent you are a smaller size and inform you of the result as soon as possible