如果您销售的产品有问题,或者外观或功能与广告宣传不符,您有责任在适用法律规定的期限内解决问题,通常是对产品进行维修或更换,或者给与一定金额的退款。很多情况下,消费者的问题都可以依据《Wish 退货/退款政策》进行解释和处理,但有些情况下可能会直接交由相关商户来处理。


Consumer Rights in Europe

If you are selling items to consumers in Europe, you should know that consumers have certain basic rights, and sellers (i.e. merchants) have some basic obligations.

Conformity Guarantee: 

If the product you sold turns out to be faulty, or doesn't look or work as advertised, within the timeframe of the applicable legal guarantee, you are responsible for addressing the issue, typically via repair or replacement or some degree of refund. In many cases, a consumer’s issue may be covered by and resolved under the Wish Return/Refund policy, but in some cases, the matter will be directed to the applicable merchant.

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