您的 ProductBoost 账户余额决定了您可用于 ProductBoost 活动费用的金额。您可以随时通过充值 ProductBoost 余额来提高此金额。

除此之外,您的店铺可用于 ProductBoost 活动的金额也可能会因 ProductBoost 抵用金的增加而提高。抵用金是 Wish 向您发放的可用于后期 ProductBoost 推广活动的奖励金。您可以在商户平台 ProductBoost 钱包页面查看可用于 ProductBoost 活动的余额(包括 ProductBoost 余额和所有奖励的 ProductBoost 抵用金)。

Wish 可能会根据您的 ProductBoost 支出不时变更您的账户余额。此操作称为余额调整。


  • 抵用金发放(ProductBoost 抵用金):指 Wish 发放的可用于您账户的 ProductBoost 推广活动的促销或奖励抵用金。ProductBoost 抵用金不可返现,仅可以用于后期的推广活动。如需了解更多关于 ProductBoost 抵用金的信息,请访问此篇常见问题解答。

  • 费用调整:报告和账单有时可能无法准确反映正在进行的推广活动所兑现的曝光量。wish商户平台会对报告和账单进行调整,以准确反映过去的推广活动所兑现的曝光量。


Understanding ProductBoost Credit and adjustments to your Account Balance

Your ProductBoost Balance contributes to the amount of funds you have available to spend on ProductBoost campaigns. You may choose to recharge your ProductBoost Balance at any time to increase the available balance you can use for ProductBoost campaigns.

In addition to recharging your ProductBoost Balance, your store's available balance that can be used for ProductBoost campaigns may also be increased by ProductBoost Credits. These are bonus credits that Wish issues for you to use on your future campaigns. You can view the available balance you can use for ProductBoost Campaigns (including your ProductBoost Balance and any bonus ProductBoost Credits) by viewing your ProductBoost Wallet on your Merchant Dashboard.

Wish may make changes to your store's Account Balance from time to time based on your ProductBoost spend. This is called an adjustment.

Here are some adjustments you are most likely to see to your store's Account Balance:

  • Credit deposit (ProductBoost Credit): This refers to a promotion or bonus credit that Wish issues & applies to your account. This credit can be used for future campaigns only and cannot be refunded to you or cashed out. To learn more about ProductBoost Credit, please visit this FAQ article.

  • Adjusted charges: Occasionally, some delivered impressions for active campaigns may be incorrectly reflected in your reports and billing. We will adjust reports and billing to reflect the correct number of delivered impressions for your past campaigns.