答:Wish 对曝光量不做保证,并对是否展示某个产品、分配多少曝光量、在哪里展示产品以及展示给哪些用户保留最终的权利。选择物美价廉的产品、设置较高的预算并选择合适的可选关键词可以增加产品得到展示的可能性,但并不能保证一定会得到展示。


答:ProductBoost 不保证销量。如果没有销量或者销量很少,这意味着 Wish 用户不认为您的产品“有吸引力”。您应该重点考虑如何选择更好的产品、提供更优惠的价格以及在预算上多下功夫。


答:Wish 通过一个复杂的优化引擎决定为某个产品分配多少曝光量。ProductBoost 可能无法逆转产品的整体自然下降趋势,因此无法保证曝光量。



Q: Why are there no impressions for my product?

A: There is no impression guarantee, and Wish reserves the ultimate right regarding whether or not to show a product, how many impressions to give, and where and to which users those products are shown to. Choosing a good product with good price, setting a high budget, and optional keywords can increase the probability for a product to be shown, but there is no guarantee.

Q: Why did my sales not increase even though my campaign ran and I was charged for it?

A: There is no sales guarantee for ProductBoost. If you got no/little sales, this means Wish users did not find your products "attractive." You should focus on choosing better products, providing better prices, and exploring more on budget.

Q: Why did my impressions remain the same/drop after my campaign launched?

A: Wish has a complex optimization engine to decide how many impression to give for a given product. ProductBoost might not be able to revert an overall, natural downtrend of a product, and there is no impression guarantee.