1.On order for 100 pieces or more we are allow a special discount for 1.5%.

订单为 100 件或更多,我们将给你 1.5%的特别折扣

2.A discount of 5% maybe allowed if the quantity for each specification is more than 1000 cents.

若每一规格的数量超过 1000 分的话, 5%的折扣可能被允许

3.For quantities if 500 units we can offer a discount of 15% on our price list.如果订单数量为 500 套的话,我们可以在价格单基础上给予 15%的折扣 

4.We are glad to make a 5% discount for a order of 100 dozen or more.

对于订单为 100 打或更多,我们乐意给予 5%的折扣"

5.We should be please to allow you the requested discount of 5% ,if you will to raise your order to 50,000 pieces.

如果你将订单增加到 50,000 件的话,我们乐意给你所要求的 5%的折扣

6.We would entitle you to 10% discount during July on any thing you buy.

对你七月份购买的任何产品,我们有权力给你 10%的折扣

7.You can receive a special 15% discount on orders place before the end of December.

十二月底前你们可获得订单 15%的特别折扣

8.If your order is large enough we are ready to reduce our prices by 5%.

如果你的订单足够大,我们准备给你降价 5%

9. There is a 10% discount if your order in volume.

若你的订单庞大,可有 10%的折扣

10.If an order is exceptional large, we are prepare to increase the discount.


11.If you are willing to buy the whole lot once and for all ,we can grant you a discount of 8% on the price.

若你能一次买一整套或更多,我们同意在价格上给你 8%的折扣

12.To help you sell our product as an exception we will give you a special discount of 5% .

为帮你销售我们的产品,我们额外给你 5%的特别折扣

13.We will bring our price down by 5% for a good start for business relationships.

为了我们业务关系的良好开端,我们将降价 5%

14.In order to close this deal, we shall further reduce our price by 5%.

为了成交,我们将进一步降价 5%

15.For the sake of our long-term friendship ,we are going to accept the price reduction on the radios. How about 6% off?

为了长期的友谊,我们准备接受收音机降价,降 6%如何

16.In order to help you to develop business in this line, we are prepare to offer you a discount of 5%.

为帮助你在该行业开展业务,我们准备给你 5%的折扣

17.In order to wind up this transaction with you we are ready to take 3% off this original quotation.

为了和你加强联系,我们已经在原来的报价上降价 3%

18.After careful consideration ,we decide to bring the price down to 420$/ unit.

经过认真考虑,我们决定每套降到 420 美金

19.We are prepare to offer our computers to you at the special discount rate of 15%.

我们正准备对我司计算机给你 15%的特别折扣

20.Our quotation is subject to 5% commission.我们的报价还需再加上 5%的佣金

Unite Eleven 双方让步

21. In view of our good cooperation over the past few years, we are prepare to accept your price.


22.As a gesture of friendship , we accept the price of 50,000 $ for 10,000 pairs of leather shoes.

作为友好表示,我们接受 10,000 双皮鞋 50,000 美金的价格

23.It ’s seams there is nothing more I can do but to accept this price.


24.How about meeting each other half way and each of us make further concession so that business can be concluded.


25.I think that we should come to a compromise with each other in order to get the deal done.


26.Business is quite possible if each size makes some concessions.


27.If it is really so, we have to agree to your payment terms.


28.We’d like to reduce the original offer slightly as a compromise.


29.We may consider making some concessions in our price.


300.In order to encouraging business we are prepare to make reduction.


31.We found we can make a step further provided that quantities will be no less 1,000,000 tons.

如果数量不少于 1,000,000 吨的话,我们发现我们可以做出让步

32.To show our sincerity ,we are prepare to make you a special concession of 6%.


33.After serious consideration we can accept your counter bid.


34.Considering your substantial order we can give you this exceptionally treatment.


35.Since it is the case ,we would exceptionally comply with your request by reducing our price to 500$/piece.

既然是事实,我们例外答应你降到每台 500 美金的要求

36.We are please to grant you a 7% discount from the original offer since you agree to increase the order.

由于你方增加订单,我们乐意同意原价上给你 7%的折扣

37.To get business under way ,we are agree to take this as an exceptional case.


38.We are prepare to reducing the price to 7.21$ .我们准备将价格降到 7.21 美金

39.10% is out the question but we are prepare to offer you 8%.

尽管 10%的折扣出乎意料,但我们准备给你 8%的折扣

40.As a special accommodation we are agree to your D/P payment terms, but only for once.

作为一个特例,我们同意你方的 D/P 付款条件,但仅有一