Part One

1.All your quotations are on FOB Vancouver basis may I ask if you allow any discount?

你所有的报价为 FOB Vancouver,我想问的是能否有点折扣 

2.Isn ’t it possible to give us a little more discount?


3.If you are prepare to give me some allowance I will consider placing a order for 10,000 dozens.

如果你准备给我们一点优惠的话,我将会下 10, 000 打的订单 

4.Should you be prepare to reduce your price we might come to terms.你会降些价吗,这样我们将会成交

5.If I show you a offer lower than yours ,would you be able to conclude transaction at that price ?


6.If the order is a substantial one how much would you come down?


7.May we suggest that you make some allowance on your quoted prices ?


8.If we place a order for 2,000 dozen up can you give us a special discount?

如果我们下 2, 000 打的订单,你能给我们一个特别的折扣吗

9.If our order is more than 10,000 MT would you give us a additional 6% commission ?

如果我们的订单超过 10, 000 公吨,你能否给我们一个 6%的额外佣金

10.We hope you will allowance us some discount on our purchase of 6,000 dozens.

我们希望我们购买 6,000 打时能给我们一些折扣

11.We’ld like to ask for reduction in price because of the large size of our order.


12.Since the present market is so weak, you have to lower your price if you want us to increase sales.


13.We hope to get your best offer for bicycles.


14.We invite quotation of the lowest price."


15.May we suggest that you perhaps make some allowance on your quoted prices?


Part Two

16.If you reduce the price by 2% I think we can do twenty metric tons.

如果你能降价 2%,我们可订 20 公吨

17.If possible we ’ d like to ask for reduction of 5,000.50 Per MT.

如果可能的话,我们要求第公吨降 5,000.50

18.If you are will to give me a 5% reduction I will order 5,000 dozens.

如果你能降 5%,我们将订 5,000 打

19.The sugar of French-made has been sold at level 98$ per long ton ,if you can reduce your limit by say 8% we might come to terms.

法国产的粮已经卖到每长吨 98 美金,如果你能降价 8%,我们可能会成交

20.We would very much like to place further order with you if you could bring down your price by 15% ,otherwise we can only switch our requirement to other suppliers.

如果你能降价 15% ,我们将非常希望能向你下长期的订单,否则我们只有转向其它供应商

21.No one can do business at such a unreasonably high prices, you have to cut them down by 10% I am afraid.

这么不合理的高价没有人能够做生意,恐怕你要降价 10%

22.We should book a trial order with you provided you will give us 5% commission.

如果你能给我 5%佣金的话,我们可以先下个试单

23.Only by cutting the price by more than 10% can more customers be lured to buy your products.

只有降价 10%以上顾客才能被诱导购买你们的产品

24.We would like to ask for 10% off your offer if our offer is more than 2,500 unit per season.

如果我们的订单每季超过 2,500 单位,我们要求降价 10%

25.We hope that you will give us a special discount of 2% if we order more than10,000 sets.

如果订单超过 10,000 套,我们希望你能给我们特别的 2%折扣

26.Please make a discount of 5% off the prices in the catalog.

请给我们目录上价格 5%的折扣

27.We hope that you will make a at least 5% reduction on your quotation or business is not possible.

我们希望你们报价至少降低 5%,否则生意将无法进展

28.We can accept the goods only at a reduction of 20% at the contract price.

我们能接受产品合同价格降低的 20%价格

29.If you can lower your limit by 5% , business is hopeful.

若你们能够降价 5%,生意还是有希望的

30.We will place our order with you if you can lower your price to 1200 pounds per MT.

若价格低于每公吨 1200 磅,我们将向你下订单