1. 三线城市没有A+物流计划揽收商,邮寄时间长且运费贵,该怎么办?



2. 揽收商取走包裹后到达A+物流计划仓库时间较长,可能产生加收运费,我该怎么办?


3. 我的产品是在海外做直发的,如果收到了它的A+物流计划订单怎么办?

如果商户的产品库存在海外,但未加入Wish Express海外仓项目,在此情况下产生了A+物流计划订单,请尽快前往WishPost 申诉工具页面,在线提交申诉申请将该订单从A+物流计划中移除。商户需要点击"申诉提交“页面下方“template download”下载最新模板并填写相关订单ID和说明海外仓原因。Wish的审核过程一般需要3-4个工作日,若审核通过,该订单可从A+物流计划中移除,继而请重新直发该订单。


Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Logistics Program (applicable to all destination countries supported)

In this article, we outlined a few frequently asked questions from merchants about the Advanced Logistics Program.

1. How to handle high self-delivery costs and long delivery time in remote areas where no pickup carriers are able to reach?

Currently, the program's designated pickup carriers can provide pickup coverage in more than 30 cities, and will continue to expand coverage areas.

For merchants located in areas where the pickup coverage is not available or not cost-effective, you are advised to leverage the Wish HUB Program, a first-mile logistic program aiming to decrease your delivery cost and improve logistics efficiency. For details about the HUB Program, please refer to the HUB Program FAQ.

2. What if pickup carriers deliver the orders to the Advanced Logistics Program warehouses after the required delivery time and the late arrival fee of additional 50% of the original shipping fee is charged?

You can check if the time period from when the order is released to when the first carrier scan is recorded is less than 72 hours. If so, you may dispute the late arrival fee on WishPost for a reduction or remission. Merchants may visit this FAQ on how to submit logistics-related disputes in WishPost.

3. What if an order of a product from my overseas warehouse inventory is marked as an “Advanced Logistics Program” order?

If a product is part of a merchant's overseas warehouse inventory, but Wish Express hasn't been enabled for this product yet, relevant orders for this product will be marked as "Advanced Logistics Program" orders. In this case, please navigate to WishPost > the Dispute Toolkits page, and submit an online dispute as soon as possible in order to remove this order from the Advanced Logistics Program. On the “Submit Dispute” page, please click “template download” to download the latest template and fill in the relevant Order ID and reason(s) for removal from the program. Wish will review and process your request within 3-4 business days. If approved, the order will be removed from the Advanced Logistics Program, and you may directly dropship related orders to customers afterward.