Products are considered 'counterfeit' if:

They directly mimic or allude to an intellectual property.


They are sold under a name that is identical or substantially indistinguishable from the owner's intellectual property.

They contain images of celebrities or famous models.

Selling a product without the owner's knowledge and approval is strictly prohibited. Here are some examples of products that are considered to be counterfeit and are not allowed on Wish: For more examples, visit

1.No items that directly mimic a brand or logo:

If the item has a brand logo or a brand name on the product, such as D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, or Oakleys, then it is considered as counterfeit.

2.No items that look like a brand or logo:

Products using a logo that looks very similar to an existing brand is considered to be misleading customers into thinking they are buying that brand.

3.No items that have been visually altered to conceal the brand or logo:

Trademark items with obviously blurred areas or correction brush mark to conceal the brand are considered counterfeit, Product photos that contain brands in the background, blurred or not, is also considered counterfeit.

4.No items that mimic brand designs or patterns:

Some brands have subtle marks that define them. For example, shoes with red soles that differ from the color of the rest of the shoe are trademarked, Another example is that Levi's has trademarked their stitching and small red tag on the pocket; One more example is Burberry which has a trademarked checkered pattern. Items that mimic brand designs are considered counterfeit.

5.No items that are modeled by famous celebrities or models:

Items pictured with famous models or celebrities are considered to be counterfeit as many of these products are counterfeit versions of designer clothing worn by celebrities. 

6.No items that display brand names in product photos:

Items using photos with their products photographed with designer boxes or on designer hangers are considered counterfeit since they give the buyer a false impression.

7.No items with blurred or covered faces.

The use of any photos from other websites, blogs, or sources that the merchant does own the rights to is strictly prohibited on Wish.