Transparency 二维条形码要求

部分制造商已经在使用 Transparency 二维条形码为其商品贴标,以便更好地追踪商品库存,同时达到防伪的目的。在亚马逊上销售的加入 Transparency 计划的商品必须正确粘贴 Transparency 代码标签。您从供应商处采购的加入 Transparency 计划的 ASIN 也必须包含 Transparency 代码。

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识别商品上的 Transparency 二维条形码

Transparency 二维条形码粘贴在每件商品的外包装上。一般情况下,此条形码为方形,并以黑白呈现。例如:

Transparency 代码是每件商品的唯一字母数字编码。此选项有 2 种格式。它可以是 26 位字母数字编码,以 AZ: 或 ZA: 开头(例如:AZ:L1Z2H38F4C5Q6R7E5K6Z1C2K3E;总长度为 29 个字符)。也可以是序列化的全球贸易项目代码或 SGTIN(例如:0100376204200301214P1OZMT7D8B81EMF4WW4;总长度为 38 个字符)。


如何确定买家订单中加入 Transparency 计划的商品

您可以通过两种方式来确定加入 Transparency 计划的商品:

已注册 Transparency 计划的 ASIN 以蓝色 Transparency 标记突出显示在  卖家平台中的【管理订单】页面。对于这些 ASIN,您必须在确认发货时提供 Transparency 代码。


  1. 在【订单报告】中,请点击页面标题下方的添加或移除订单报告列链接

  2. 在【添加或移除订单报告列】中的【可选列】下方,开启 【Transparency】 列


如果订单报告中此字段的值(“is-Transparency”)设置为“True”,则您必须在确认货件时为这些 ASIN 上传 Transparency 代码。

注意: 您上传的 Transparency 代码的数量必须与订单中加入 Transparency 计划的商品数量相匹配。例如,如果加入 Transparency 计划的商品数量为 3,请务必上传 3 个唯一的 Transparency 代码。

亚马逊商城网络服务 (MWS) API 中检索订单详情时,请使用 ListOrderItems API 确定包含加入 Transparency 计划的商品的订单。有关更多信息,请参阅 ListOrderItems 。

使用“配送确认”文件上传 Transparency 代码


  1. 转至【订单】选项卡,然后从下拉菜单中选择【上传订单相关文件】

  2. 在 【1.准备您的配送确认文件】下方,点击【下载模板】

  3. 填好此模板之后,请点击【选择文件】,它位于 【2.上传您的配送确认文件】下方

即使在其他工具(例如亚马逊商城网络服务 [亚马逊 MWS] API 或第三方软件)中确认了配送,您也可以使用此模板上传 Transparency 代码。

在卖家平台中上传 Transparency 代码

您已注册 Transparency 计划的 ASIN 将以蓝色 Transparency 标记突出显示在  卖家平台中的管理订单页面上。

按照以下步骤确认、上传和配送带有 Transparency 代码的商品:

  1. 前往管理订单确定带有 Transparency 标记的订单。

  2. 点击【订单编号】以转至【“订单详情”】页面。

  3. 点击【购买配送】或【确认货件】,在底部打开一个新版块。在底部的新版块中输入 Transparency 代码。

  4. 在【订单详情】页面底部的【数量】字段正下方有一个 【T】 徽标。点击【输入 Transparency 代码】链接。在文本框中输入或扫描 Transparency 代码。

  5. 输入代码后,您可以继续配送订单。

确认货件并在 MWS SubmitFeed API 中上传 Transparency 代码

如果您在亚马逊 MWS 中确认货件,则可以使用 SubmitFeed API 为含有 Transparency ASIN 的订单上传 Transparency 代码。有关详情,请参阅 SubmitFeed 。

购买配送服务并在 MWS CreateShipment API 中上传 Transparency 代码

如果您在亚马逊 MWS 中购买配送服务,则可以使用 CreateShipment API 为含有 Transparency ASIN 的订单上传 Transparency 代码。有关更多详情,请参阅 CreateShipment 。


Transparency 2D barcode requirements

Some manufacturers now label their products with Transparency 2D barcodes to better track their inventory and ensure its authenticity. Your Transparency-enabled products for sale on Amazon must be appropriately labeled with Transparency codes. The Transparency-enabled ASINs you source from vendors must also include Transparency codes.

Click here to learn more about Transparency.

Select a program:

Identifying Transparency 2D barcodes on a product

Transparency 2D barcodes are affixed to the outer packaging of each individual unit of the product. Generally, it is square and printed in black and white. For example:

The Transparency code is a unique alpha-numeric identifier for each unit of a product. This can be available in 2 formats. It can be a 26 digit, alpha-numeric identifier beginning with AZ: or ZA: (e.g. AZ:L1Z2H38F4C5Q6R7E5K6Z1C2K3E; total length is 29 characters). It could also be a Serialized Global Trade Item Number or SGTIN (e.g. 0100376204200301214P1OZMT7D8B81EMF4WW4 ; total length is 38 characters).

You can scan the codes using a 2D barcode scanner or 2D data matrix barcode scanner mobile application. You can find examples of 2D barcode scanners by doing a quick search on the Internet using the keyword "2D barcode scanner". You can find examples of 2D data matrix barcode scanner mobile applications by searching for "2D barcode scanner" in your mobile app store.

How to identify Transparency enabled items on customer orders

You can identify Transparency-enabled items in two ways:

Transparency-enrolled ASINs are highlighted with a blue Transparency badge  on the Manage Orders page in Seller Central. For these ASINs, you must provide Transparency codes when you confirm your shipment.

You can also go to Order Reports:

  1. On Order Reports, click the Add or remove order report columns link below the page title

  2. On Add or remove order report columns, under Optional columns, turn on the Transparency column

Once complete, the Transparency field will automatically display when you download your report.

If the value in this field ("is-Transparency") is set to “True” in the order report, you must upload Transparency codes for these ASINs when confirming the shipment.

Note: The number of Transparency codes you upload must match the number of Transparency-enabled items in your order. For example, if the quantity of Transparency-enabled products is 3, make sure to upload 3 unique Transparency codes.

When you retrieve order details in the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API, use ListOrderItems API to identify orders with Transparency-enabled items. For additional information, please see ListOrderItems.

Use a Shipping Confirmation file to upload Transparency codes

Follow the steps below to download the file template in Seller Central.

  1. Go to the Orders tab, and select Upload Order Related Files from the drop-down

  2. Under 1. Prepare Your Shipping Confirmation File, click Download Template

  3. Once you have populated the template, click Choose File under 2. Upload Your Shipping Confirmation File

You can use this template to upload Transparency codes even if you confirmed your shipment in another tool, such as Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) API or a third-party software.

Upload Transparency codes in Seller Central

Your Transparency-enrolled ASINs are highlighted with a blue Transparency badge  on the Manage Orders page in Seller Central.

Follow the steps below to confirm, upload, and ship products with Transparency codes:

  1. Go to Manage Orders to identify the order with a Transparency badge.

  2. Click the order number to go to the Order details page.

  3. Click Buy shipping or Confirm shipment to open a new section at the bottom. Enter your Transparency codes in the new section at the bottom.

  4. At the bottom of the Order details page, there is a T logo right under the Qty field. Click the Enter Transparency codes link. Enter or scan Transparency codes in the text box.

  5. Once you have entered the code, you can proceed with shipping your order.

Confirm shipments and upload Transparency codes in MWS SubmitFeed API

If you confirm your shipments in Amazon MWS, you can use the SubmitFeed API to upload Transparency codes for orders with Transparency ASINs. For details, see SubmitFeed.

Purchase shipping and upload Transparency codes in MWS CreateShipment API

If you purchase shipping in Amazon MWS, you can use the CreateShipment API to upload Transparency codes for orders with Transparency ASINs. For more details, see CreateShipment.