Part One

1. Please insure for us these products at invoice value plus 10% (at 110% of the invoice value.)

请给我们这批货物在发票金额上加  10%的保险(即发票金额为  110%).

2.We’d like to cover our ordered goods against WPA for 120% of the invoice value according to our usual practice.

我们要求根据实际对我们订购的货物按发票金额 120%投保水渍险 

3.Please hold us covered for the cargo listed on the attached sheet.请保留附件表所列出的货物

4.For this consignment, we shall cover WPA and risk of breakage for 110% of the invoice value.

对这批货,我们要按发票金额  110%投保破损险

5.Our company will insure against all risks for 110% of the invoice value.

我们公司要按发票金额  110%投保

6.Please insure the electric fans at 120% of the invoice value.

请按合同金额 120%对电扇投保

7.The machines are to be unsured against all risks.


8.We only cover FPA and war risk.


9.There are not delicate goods that can be damaged on the voyage .FPA will be good enough.


10.Our goods are very valuable , so I want insure against all risks.


11.We’d like to get a policy for total loss only for these goods.


12.I ’ d like  to get a AR insurance  policy. That way , we will  be covered for  any kind  of loss  or damage.

我想获得 AR保险条例,也就是说我们要涉及各种丢失或损失

13.I ’ mafraid  that  WPAcoverage is  too narrow for  a shipment  of this  nature.  Please extend the coverage to include TPND."


14.Would you insure our goods to be shipped from Shanghai to Lisbon next month?


15.Can you cover our goods against breakage?你能保证我们的货物免于破损吗

16.We should be glad if you would provide cover of $390,000 on computers, in transit from Tokyo to


如果你能提供我们从东京到北京的计算机  390,000 美金的保险,我们将非常高兴

17.Please  insure  us against  all  risks  $300,000 value of 5,000 sets  of  “ Butterfly ” sewing  machines, sailing for New York.

请给我们到纽约的 5,000 套“蝴蝶”牌缝纫机按  300,000 美金投保一切险

18.Please insure for me against all risks 200 pieces of high-quality furniture valued $20,000.

请为我们就 200 套高质量家具按 20,000 美金投一切险

19.We wishes to insure against all risks for the sum of $1,500 on 3 cases glassware.

我们希望能为 3 箱玻璃按 1,500 美金金额投保一切险

20.We shall shortly be making regular shipments of leather goods to Canada, and shall be glad if you will issue an all risks marine insurance policy for $70,000 to cover these shipments.

我们将不久出口皮革品到加拿大,若为这批货按 70,000 美金投保海运一切险将使我们非常高兴

Part Two

21.Please give us the policy rates for FPA coverage and for WPA coverage.


22.We require the current insurance rates for land transportation.


23.I have some glassware to be ship to Hongkong. What risks should I cover?


24.What is the insurance premium for these goods ?


25.We need to send a shipment to England. We want to find out about your marine insurance.


26.Please let us know the premium of breakage.请告诉我们破损险的保险费

27.What kind of insurance do you usually provide ?


28.What kind of insurance can you suggest for these goods? We don ’ t want to take the risk of losing money because of under unsurance.


29.I  have a batch of glassware  to be shipped  in  the fourth  quarter, but I don’ t know what risks  should be covered. I would like to know some details and your advice of course will be highly appreciated.


30.If  we insure  against  free particular   average, can you compensate us for  all the losses  if the ship sinks or bums, or get stuck?


31.Does your company cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air?贵司在海运、陆运或空运方式下投保一切险了吗

32.We have insured the shipment for 130% of the invoice value, but the premium for the difference

between 130% and 110% should be your account."

"我们按合同金额 130%投保,但 130%和 110%之间的差额部分应由贵司承担

33.We have arranged insurance on your consignment of electric motor cars to be shipped in these ten days.

我们已为你们 10 日内发出电动汽车货物投保

34.We may cover the inland insurance on your behalf, but you will pay the additional premium.


35.We can insure  the porcelain vases on you behalf  , but at a rather  high premium and all  the additional premium will be for your account.


36.We shall insure the goods for your behalf.


37.We have covered insurance on these goods for 10% above the invoice value against all risks.

我们已经就这批货按合同金额加  10%投保一切险

38.We shall effect the insurance of the goods for 110% of their CIF value.

我们将为这批货按 CIF 价 110%投保

39.We have effected marine insurance on your behalf for the gross amount of the invoice plus 10%.

我们已经为贵司按合同金额加  CIF 投保海运险 

40.The marine insurance shall covered by us.海运险就由我方投保