Part One

1 We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding.


2.We prefer to resolve disputes by amicable , nonbonding conciliation between two parites.


3.As a matter of fact most disputes can be settled in a friendly way, with a view to developing a long-term relationship.


4.All disputes in connection with this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation.


5.Personally I should say it  ’ s so much better to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations between ourselves.


6.Friendly negotiation is the best way to settle the dispute between us if there is any.


7.Where do you want to have arbitration held?你想利用促裁?

8.As far as the place for arbitration is concerned, the customary practice is to hold arbitration in the country of defendant.


9.If  we submit  the case for  arbitration,  the place  for  arbitration  is  to  be in Japan and if  you submit the case for arbitration , the place for arbitration is to be in China.


10.If the buyer is the plaintiff , the arbitration shall take place in Beijing.


11.The members of this arbitration association are professionally competent, and in a position to arbitration that sort of case arising from the quality inspection of the medical equipment.


12.Generally speaking,  all  the fee for  arbitration  shall  be borne by the losing  party  unless  otherwise awarded by the court.


13.the decision made by the arbitration commission shall be accepted as final and binding upon both parties.


14.The losing party shall bear the cost for arbitration according to the contract.


15.We require  you to  compensate us with  an amount of losses  totaling £748,000  caused by your failure to execute the contract and with all the expenses arising from this arbitration.

我方要求你方赔偿因你方未履行合和所有仲裁费用,共计 748,000 美金

Part Two

16.If any dispute should arise over the inspection, we may submit it for arbitration.


17.If you are not prepare to compensate our loss, we suggest that case be submitted for arbitration.


18.The dispute shall be submitted for arbitration by a mutually nominated arbitrator.


19.We may discuss to agree upon a temporary arbitral body when needed.


20.If  no settlement can be reached between the two parties , the case under dispute  shall  be submitted to the third party accepted by both parties for arbitration.


21.In case of any dispute, and no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiations, then we can submit the case to an international arbitration organization for arbitration.


22. It  ’s better to submit the case for arbitration to a temporary arbitration court.


23.We think that the court consisting of arbitrators from both sides must be fair and able to handle the dispute without bias or partiality.


24. Since this dispute is not negotiable , it is necessary to resort to abitration.


25. If you don ’t accept our propositions, we might submit the matter to arbitration.


26.We should include an arbitration clause in the contract.我们应在合同中写明包括仲裁条款

27.You needn ’ t worry about that. There is an arbitration clause in the contract.


28.Shall we discuss the arbitration clause now?


29.It  ’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration.


30.We are now applying formally to the arbitration commission for arbitration of this dispute.