Wish 平台的定价机制

商户在上传产品至 Wish 平台时可设置产品的价格和运费。但是,Wish 平台显示给用户的价格会因为动态定价机制而有所不同,动态定价机制即根据用户位置和需求量等多种因素显示不同的价格。动态定价不仅可以最大限度提高销量和收入,Wish 还可以利用动态定价机制为用户提供各种促销和折扣活动。


How does pricing work on Wish?

When uploading products to the Wish platform, merchants indicate their product and shipping prices. The prices shown to Wish customers, on the other hand, generally are based on our dynamic pricing, which varies pricing based on factors such as user location and demand. Dynamic pricing helps to maximize volume and revenue and allows Wish to offer a variety of promotions and discounts to customers.