Wish 会每天给您发送电子邮件,告诉您有多少个订单正在等待履行。您也可以随时登录商户平台,前往订单 > 未履行的订单页面查看所有未履行的订单。


若要履行订单,请前往订单 > 未履行的订单页面。订单可以逐个履行(即标记发货),也可以通过上传 CSV 文件或通过 API 批量履行。在此页面上,您可以查看订单的详细信息以及导出订单。





在 Wish 平台上售出产品后,您的库存会自动更新。您可以前往“产品”>“查看所有产品”页面查看产品库存。如需了解有关如何更新和编辑库存的信息,请点击此处。


What happens after I sell an item?

How will I know that I've made a sale?

Wish sends you daily emails letting you know how many orders you have waiting to be fulfilled. Also, you can always log on to the Merchant Dashboard and go to the Orders > Unfulfilled Orders page to see all unfulfilled orders.

How do I fulfill my order?

To fulfill your order, go to Orders > Unfulfilled Orders. You can fulfill your orders (i.e., mark orders as "shipped") one by one, in bulk, by uploading a CSV, or via API. On this page, you can view order details and export your orders. 

Click here for more information about fulfilling orders.

How will I get paid?

Wish will pay you via Click here for more information about setting up payment.

Is the sold item removed from my product inventory?

When you sell an item on Wish, your inventory will automatically update. You can see item inventory by going to Products > View All Products. Click here to learn about how to update and edit inventory.