2. How should I select my Search Terms?

You will have the option to select Search Terms when creating your collection. When you have a running campaign and the user is searching for these Search Terms, your collections will show up. When entering your desired Search Terms on the Create a Collection page, the Suggestion Score for your entered keyword will display below the text field.

The Suggestion Score is an estimation of the quality of the Search Terms you provided. A higher score indicates better reachability and impact of Search Terms, which may lead to more Collection Impressions. Select Search Terms here that are both relevant to the products in your collection and that will keep your Suggestion Score high.

Additionally, our Search Term Tool allows you to enter a Search Term and view its Estimated Potential Reach and Estimated Competition. 

Search Terms with a higher Estimated Potential Reach usually have a higher Estimated Competition, and it may cost more to win bids for the usage of these Search Terms. If you have a higher budget, you may find it most effective to spend more on Search Terms with higher Estimated Potential Reach that could potentially maximize your Collection Impressions. If you have a lower budget, you may get the most value out of your Search Terms by finding Search Terms relevant to your collection with a lower Estimated Competition and a high Estimated Potential Reach.