为了帮助商户通过更多渠道提高产品曝光量并在 Wish 上提供有竞争力的产品价格,Wish 特推出降价赋能计划,您可以通过降价赋能活动降低所选产品的价格,从而有机会获得更多产品曝光量。此外,您的产品将比 Wish 上的其他同类产品更具价格优势。

降价赋能计划目前向中国大陆的部分商户和中国大陆以外的所有商户开放。商户参与降价赋能计划后,不仅可以降低产品价格,还可以获得相关的曝光量与 GMV 数据概览,以便跟踪产品降价对产品业绩的影响。

您可以通过多种方法降低产品价格,包括使用 Wish 的降价赋能提议,或选择产品创建新的降价赋能活动。本常见问题解答将重点说明这部分商户可以如何自行选择产品来创建降价赋能活动。


How to select products to create Price Drop campaigns for?

To help merchants increase product impressions via more channels and offer competitive pricing of their products on Wish, Wish’s Price Drop program enables merchants to drop the prices of select products via Price Drop campaigns for an opportunity to receive additional product impressions. In addition, merchants’ products will be competitively priced against other similar items on Wish.

Currently available to select merchants based in Mainland China and all merchants based outside of Mainland China, the Price Drop program not only allows merchants to drop the prices, but also equips them with impression and GMV insights of the products afterwards, enabling them to track the impact of the price drop on their product performance.

These merchants have the ability to drop their product prices via several methods, including taking advantage of Wish’s Price Drop offers and selecting their own products to create new Price Drop campaigns for. This FAQ specifically focuses on how select merchants can choose their own products and create Price Drop campaigns for these self-selected products.