Shopify 后台概述(桌面版)

根据您使用的设备的不同,您可以在后台执行不同的操作。如果您从浏览器登录 Shopify 后台,则可以管理商店的各个方面。

一、Shopify 后台

登录 Shopify 后台后,首先看到的就是主页。

Shopify 主页显示关于以下内容的信息:日常任务、商店的最近活动以及开发业务可采取的后续步骤。

您可以使用侧边栏访问 Shopify 后台的不同部分。Shopify 后台包括以下部分:

  1. Shopify 业务的核心方面,包括订单、产品和客户

  2. 销售渠道,包括在线商店、POS 和 Buy Button

  3. 账户上安装的应用

  4. 应用于 Shopify 商店和账户的设置。

可以使用搜索栏查找 Shopify 后台内的产品、页面或其他信息。

如果您在多个 Shopify 商店中有账户,那么您可以使用下拉菜单导航到这些商店。

二、Shopify 主页



Shopify 主页显示商店最近的访客活动。您的商店活动根据商店的当地时区记录:

  1. 今日订单数显示的是任何一天中您的 Shopify 商店获得的订单总数。

  2. 今日访问量显示的是任何一天中您的 Shopify 商店获得的访问总数。如果您没有在线商店,则不会看到此卡。

  3. 当前实时访客数显示过去 5 分钟内您的在线商店中活跃的访客数量。如果您没有在线商店,则不会看到此卡。







Shopify 主页会根据您的账户状态、业务增长情况和最近的客户活动显示有关 Shopify 业务的通知。


卡片是定期更改的信息块,可帮助您顺利开展业务。Shopify 主页根据您商店最近的活动和您在 Shopify 中执行的操作显示卡片。此外,您还会收到:

  • 新 Shopify 功能的更新

  • 有关如何充分利用 Shopify 的建议

  • 有关如何拓展业务的推荐阅读。




点击发送反馈以留下有关卡的反馈。Shopify 将使用此信息来改进将来的“主页”卡。


Shopify admin

After logging in to Shopify, you can set up your store, configure your settings, and manage your business using the Shopify admin.

Shopify admin overview

Depending on the device you're using, you can do different things in your admin. If you log in to your Shopify admin from a browser, then you can manage all aspects of your store. If you log in to the Shopify app from your phone, then you can view your store's recent activity, update your store's catalog, and manage your orders.


The Shopify admin

When you log in to your Shopify admin, the first thing that you see is the Home page.

Shopify Home shows information about daily tasks, your store's recent activity, and the next steps you can take to build your business.

You can access the different sections of the Shopify admin by using the sidebar. Sections of the Shopify admin include:

  • Core aspects of your Shopify business, including orders, products, and customers

  • Sales channels, including Online Store, Point of Sale, and Buy Button

  • Apps installed on your account

  • Settings applied to your Shopify store and account.

You can use the search bar to find products, pages, or other information within your Shopify admin.

If you have accounts in more than one Shopify store, then you can use the dropdown to navigate to those stores.

Shopify Home

The Home page shows key information about your store's recent activity, the next steps you need to take with your orders, and tips for building your business.

Today's store activity

Shopify Home shows your store's most recent visitor activity. Your store activity is recorded according to your store's local time zone:

  • Today's orders shows the total number of orders made on your Shopify store on any given day.

  • Today's visits shows the total number of visits to your Shopify store on any given day. You will only see this card if you have an online store.

  • Visitors live right now shows the number of visitors who have been active on your online store in the past 5 minutes. You will only see this card if you have an online store.


The Home metrics section displays a sales summary for your overall business, and specific sales and engagement data for your active sales channels. You can view sales data for your different sales channels from Today, Yesterday, This week, and This month by using the drop-down menus.

If you want a closer look at your store's sales and engagement data, then open the Overview dashboard.

Activity feed

The Activity feed in the Home metrics section shows an overview of the activity on your account. Click View all recent activity to see a longer feed of recent activity on your account.


Shopify Home shows notifications about your Shopify business that are based on your account status, growth, and recent customer activity.

Notifications make it easy to see what next steps you need to take, such as capturing payment, marking an order as fulfilled, or archiving an order that is complete.


Cards are blocks of information that change regularly to help you run your business smoothly. Shopify Home displays cards based on your store's recent activity and what you've been doing in Shopify. Among other things, you'll receive:

  • updates on new Shopify features

  • advice on how to get the most out of Shopify

  • recommended reading on how to grow your business.

Action menu

You can dismiss and provide feedback about Home cards.

Click Dismiss to hide a card until the information becomes relevant again.

Click Send Feedback to leave feedback about a card. Shopify uses this information to improve future Home cards.