Shopify 中创建和使用标签


  • 产品

  • 转移

  • 客户

  • 博客文章

  • 订单

  • 草稿订单






您可以为 Shopify 中使用标签的每个分区创建一组自定义标签。当您在特定分区中创建标签时,它不会复制到使用标签的其他分区。例如,您可能想按标签整理订单(例如 packed 或 test),但同时想使用 tax exempt 或 wholesale 等标签来描述某些客户。每种类型的标签均对应于它可以整理的分区:



Creating and using tags in Shopify

You can add tags to group, search, filter, and make bulk changes to items in the following sections:

  • Products

  • Transfers

  • Customers

  • Blog posts

  • Orders

  • Draft Orders

Tags aren't displayed to customers, but you can use tags to categorize products on your online store and organize search results for customers.

For example, at the end of the summer season, you can search for your products with the 'Summer' tag in your Products page, and use a bulk action to hide them from your sales channels.


Try using tags to group related items so you can view them all at once: orders using a particular shipping method, customers who accept email marketing, or products from a particular manufacturer.

Tag types

You can create a custom set of tags for each section in Shopify where tags are used. When you create a tag in a particular section, it isn't copied to the other sections where tags are used. For example, you can organize orders by tags like packed or test, but use tags like tax exempt or wholesale to describe some of your customers. Each type of tag corresponds to the section it can organize:

ProductAdd and remove tags on a specific product's details page. Filter products by tag on the Products page and the Inventory page. Use product tags as selection criteria when you're building an automatic collection or as filters when you're creating a menu. When a customer searches for a term that matches a product tag, the tagged products appear in search results but the tags aren't displayed to the customer.
TransferAdd and remove tags on a specific transfer's details page. Filter transfers by tag on the Transfers page.
CustomerAdd and remove tags on a specific customer's details page. Filter customers by tag on the Customers page.
Blog postAdd and remove tags on a specific blog post's details page. Filter blog posts by tag on the Blog posts page.
OrderAdd and remove tags on a specific order's details page. Filter orders by tag on the Orders page.
Draft orderAdd and remove tags on a specific draft order's details page. When you create an order from a draft order, the draft order tags are carried over and added as order tags.