• 首选纯色背景(尤其是白色)

  • 可接受最多2种颜色的纯色背景

  • 可以在背景上使用无干扰的模式

  • 封面图片不应具有实时背景,但服装和居家生活除外

  • 封面图像背景不应明亮且分散注意力

  • 必须在背景下清楚地看到产品


Cover image criteria- background

  • Solid colour background (especially white) are preferred

  • Solid colour backgrounds with up to 2 colours are acceptable

  • Non-distracting patterns on the backgrounds are acceptable

  • Cover images should not have live background except for Apparel and Home & Living 

  • Cover image backgrounds should not be bright and distracting

  • Products must be clearly seen against the background