无论是新加入 Wish 还是入驻多年的老商户,无论是大企业还是中小企业,ProductBoost 都能帮助您拓展业务。ProductBoost 对您在 Wish 平台上的成功起着至关重要的作用。

1. 产品图片

Wish 平台的设计专门针对移动端进行优化,因此产品详情页的图片非常重要。

  • 具有吸引人的主图。购物者会首先看到主图。主图的作用在于吸引购物者点击产品查看详情。因此,请确保产品的主图片具有吸引力并十分突出,画质优良且不存在误导性。

  • 主图和辅图应能起到应有的作用。例如,对于不易说明用途的产品,可以通过图片展示相关用法或用途。下面是一个 ProductBoost 成功产品示例。

我们可以看到对于上述产品 — 西瓜切片机,主图里包含西瓜和其他水果,以及有人在切西瓜的图片。

  • 提供必要的描述。有时,通过图片强调重要内容会有所帮助,例如强调通过图片难以表达的内容。要考虑的卖点是:产品有哪些用途?产品的独特之处是什么?或与竞争对手相比有哪些优势?

  • 包含其他变体。例如,若产品有多个颜色,可以在主图或辅图中包含其他颜色变体。



  • 吸引购物者的注意力,并促使他们点击和购买

  • 清晰地展示产品

  • 传达关于尺码、颜色和材料的重要信息

  • 展示产品的用途

  • 帮助购物者想象在日常生活中使用该产品的场景


ProductBoost Best Practice

No matter how long you have been with Wish, ProductBoost can help your large, medium or small business grow. ProductBoost plays an essential role for your success at Wish.

1. Product Images

Wish is a mobile-optimized platform, therefore pictures of your product listing are extremely important.

  • Have an attractive main picture. Main picture is the first thing shoppers see, and it is what gets shoppers to click on your listing. Therefore, make sure your product’s main picture is attractive and stands out, is in good quality and not misleading.  

  • Your main picture and other pictures should be effective. For instance, if it is not easy to tell what your product does, it might be helpful to include related usages or applications in the pictures. Here is an example of a successful product in ProductBoost.   

We can see that for the above product - watermelon slicer, the main picture includes watermelon and other fruits, as well as a picture of someone slicing the watermelon.  

  • Be descriptive if necessary. Sometimes, noting the important things on the pictures are helpful, such as points that are hard to tell from the pictures. Selling points to think about are: What does your product do? What makes your product unique or a better buy vs. competitors?

  • Including other variants might help. For example, if you are selling a product with multiple colors, try to include your products of multiple colors in the main picture or other pictures.

Before a customer makes a purchase, they want to know what they are buying.

Product images that illustrate all facets of your product helps shoppers make confident, informed purchases. Here are a few things a great product image can accomplish:

  • It grabs the attention of shoppers and compels them to click—and to buy

  • It displays the product clearly

  • It communicates important information about size, color, and materials

  • It captures the purpose of the product

  • It helps shoppers imagine the product in their lives