Amazon Handmade: 在其他国家/地区通过 Amazon Handmade 销售商品

当您申请在 Amazon Handmade 店铺中销售商品时,系统会自动批准您在提出申请的地区销售商品:北美(美国、加拿大和墨西哥)或欧洲(英国、德国、法国、意大利和西班牙)。

要将您的销售范围扩展到另一地区,您需要在该地区创建新的销售账户;不过,您无需申请批准即可通过 Amazon Handmade 销售商品,因为您当前获得的销售权限将从一个地区扩展到下一个地区。

重要: 您必须使用销售商品所在国家/地区的官方语言提供商品信息和买家支持。例如,在 上,您必须用法语提供商品信息并回复买家查询;在 或 上,您必须使用西班牙语,以此类推。有关更多信息,请参阅国际卖家重要须知。

  1. 转至添加欧洲卖家账户,开始在欧洲 Amazon Handmade 上销售商品。

  2. 选择一个主要的欧洲国家/地区(英国、德国、法国、西班牙或意大利),然后点击【立即注册】。

  3. 像新卖家一样完成注册流程,确保您使用的是与您的北美卖家账户相同的电子邮件地址。

  4. 您获准在欧洲销售商品后,我们便会关联您的账户。

    注意: 您可以查看卖家账户信息页面上的【您的服务】部分,验证您的账户是否已关联。在该部分您应该注意到自己已注册、、、 和。

  1. 在您计划在其中销售商品的每个国家/地区创建您的手工艺人资料。

    注意: 您的资料图片、店铺名称、店铺图片和短 URL 会被自动复制。但是,您在每个国家/地区的资料中的“灵感”和“简介”部分由您负责翻译。

  1. 在每个国家/地区创建您的商品信息。您的商品详情不会从您的原始地区复制;但是,当您在主要地区发布商品后,您可以使用共享库存功能跨多个地区管理库存。


Amazon Handmade: Sell in other Handmade Country Locations

When you apply to sell in the Handmade store, you are automatically approved to sell in the region you are applying in – North America (United States of America, Canada, and Mexico) or Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).

Extending your reach into another region requires that you create a new Selling account in that region; however, you will not need to seek approval to sell in Handmade – your current approval will be extended from one region to the next.

Important: You are required to provide listings and customer support in the official language of the selling country. For example, you must provide listings in French and respond to customer inquiries in French for customers on, or Spanish on or, etc. For additional information, see Important information for international sellers.

  1. Go to Add a European Seller Account to Start Selling on Handmade at Amazon in Europe.

  2. Select a primary European country (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy) and click Register Now.

  3. Complete the registration process as if you were a new Seller, ensuring that you are using the same email address as your North American selling account.

  4. Once you have been approved to sell in Europe, your accounts will be linked by us.

    Note: You can verify your accounts have been linked by reviewing the Your Services section on the Seller Account Information page, where you should note that you are registered for,,,, and

  1. Create Your Maker Profile in each country you plan to sell your products in.

    Note: Your Profile Image, Store Name, Storefront images, and your short URL are automatically copied over. However, you are responsible for any translations in the "Inspiration" and "About You" areas of your profile in each country.

  1. Create your Product Listings in each country. Your product details will not be copied over from your original region; however, once you have them listed in your primary region, you can manage your inventory across multiple regions with the Share Your Inventory feature.