通过时间线,您可以查看详细的历史记录并为 Shopify 中的订单、草稿订单、客户和转移撰写备注和评论。所有备注和评论都是内部信息,客户无法查看。如果您使用 Shopify 应用,每当您在时间线评论中被提及时,您将收到通知。



  1. Shopify 应用订单屏幕中,点击带有您要删除的评论的订单。

  2. 轻触钮评论旁边的 ⋮ 按钮。

  3. 点击删除评论。

  4. 点击删除进行确认。


您可以使用 Shopify 应用启用时间表通知,使您能够在其他员工用 @ 提及您时在您的 Android 上收到通知。


  1. 在 Shopify 应用中,点击商店。

  2. 在商店屏幕上,点击设置。

  3. 在通用下,点击通知。

  4. 启用时间表提及选项。

  5. 点击复选标记以保存更改。



  • 您可以在发货前附加商品的照片以展示其状况。

  • 您可以附加库存转移收据的副本,将所有信息保存在同一位置。

  • 您可以在发货标签上附加二维码的照片。



2.从某一可用来源中选择文件: - 点击拍摄照片以使用您的 Android 设备的相机拍摄照片。

  • 点击 Choose from file(从文件中选择)以添加保存在 Andriod 设备上的文件。





With Timeline, you can view detailed histories and write notes and comments for orders, draft orders, customers, and transfers in Shopify. All notes and comments are internal and will not be visible to your customers. If you use the Shopify app, then you can receive notifications whenever you're mentioned in a Timeline comment.

Delete comments on Timeline


  1. From the Shopify app Orders screen, tap the order with the comment that you want delete.

  2. Tap the ⋮ button beside the comment.

  3. Tap Delete comment.

  4. Tap DELETE to confirm.

Enable Timeline notifications

You can use the Shopify app to enable Timeline notifications so that you receive an alert on your Android whenever another staff @mentions you.


  1. From the Shopify app, tap Store.

  2. From the Store screen, tap Settings.

  3. Under General, tap Notifications.

  4. Enable the Timeline mentions option.

  5. Tap the check mark to save your changes.

Add an attachment to Timeline

You can attach files to add context or more information to your conversations. There are a few reasons that you might want to attach files to your conversations:

  • You can attach a photo of an item to show its condition before shipping.

  • You can attach copies of your inventory transfer receipts to keep all the information in the same place.

  • You can attach a photo of a QR code on a shipping label.


1.While adding a comment, tap the attachment button.

2.Select a file from one of the available sources:

  • Tap Take photo to take a photo with your Android device's camera.

  • Tap Choose from file to add a file saved on your Andriod device.

3.Enter a comment to accompany the attachment.

4.Tap the post button.