Shopify Markets

Shopify 市场是一款跨境管理工具,可帮助您识别、设置、推出、优化和管理您的国际市场 - 所有这些操作都来自一家商店。

Shopify Markets 中汇集了您的业务所需的跨境销售工具,并引入了新功能来帮助您管理和拓展全球销售。通过 Shopify Markets,您可以为不同买家群体提供定制的在线购物体验。您可以通过创建面向特定国家/地区的市场来达到这一目标,还可以将国家和地区组合在一起来简化您的拓展工作。




Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps you identify, set up, launch, optimize and manage your international markets - all from a single store.

Shopify Markets centralizes international selling tools for your business, and introduces new functionality to help you manage and expand your global sales. With Shopify Markets, you can create tailored online shopping experiences for different buyer segments. You can do this by creating markets that target specific countries or regions, or you can group countries and regions together to simplify your expansion efforts.

Other ways to sell cross-border

For merchants who have globally dispersed teams that independently manage operations in their local market, it's often preferred to sell cross-border using multiple stores along with the ability to sell and get paid in different currencies for your international selling strategy.