Amazon Handmade: 分类商品政策和要求

在 Amazon Handmade 发布的所有商品都必须符合亚马逊销售和发布政策的要求,包括:

  • 销售政策和卖家行为准则

  • 商品详情页面规则

  • 状况指南(升级再造或旧物改造商品的例外情况)

  • 卖家知识产权政策

  • 成人用品政策和指南

  • 受限商品

  • 冒犯性和有争议的商品

除了现有政策外,在 Amazon Handmade 中也不允许出现以下情况:

  • 将商品生产外包

  • 直送商品

  • 由第三方转售商品

  • 以下商品不允许在 Amazon Handmade 店铺中销售:

    • DIY 套件中包含的工艺用品

    • 您(即手艺人)已经生产的工艺用品;例如,由艺术家制造的纱线或毡制品

    • 经您(即手艺人)改造过的工艺用品;例如,您染过的预购羊毛或纱线

    • 数字/可下载商品

    • 食物/食品

    • 电视/音响

    • 活体植物 – 可能随附在手工花盆/容器中的“气生植物”除外

    • 不得在 Amazon Handmade 店铺中销售原材料和工艺用品,但以下情况除外:

除了我们的商品名称、图片和定制标准外,所有 Amazon Handmade 商品信息还必须符合特定于分类的商品发布政策和要求,如下所示:

Amazon Handmade: 分类商品政策和要求

  • 手工艺术品指南

  • 手工母婴用品指南

  • Amazon Handmade 商品发布指南: 美妆和美容

  • Amazon Handmade 商品发布指南: 服装、鞋靴和配饰

  • 手工电子产品配件指南

  • 手工个护健康用品指南

  • Amazon Handmade 发布指南: 珠宝首饰和钟表指南

  • Amazon Handmade 发布指南: 宠物用品

  • 手工家居及厨房用品指南

  • 手工运动户外用品指南

  • 手工文具和派对用品指南

  • 手工玩具和游戏指南


Amazon Handmade: Category Listing Policies & Requirements

All products listed in Amazon Handmade must adhere to Amazon selling and listing policies, including:

  • Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct

  • Product Detail Page Rules

  • Condition Guidelines (Exception given for up-cycled or re-purposed items)

  • Intellectual Property Policy for Sellers

  • Adult Product Polices & Guidelines

  • Restricted products

  • Offensive and Controversial Materials

In addition to existing policies, the following are not permitted in Amazon Handmade:

  • Outsourcing of product production

  • Drop-shipping of products

  • Reselling products by third parties

  • The following items are not allowed to be sold in the Amazon Handmade store:

    • Crafting supplies that are included in a DIY kit

    • Crafting supplies that have been made by you, the maker; for example, yarn or felt that is made by the artisan

    • Crafting supplies that have been altered by you, the maker; for example, pre-purchased wool or yarn that you have dyed

    • Digital/downloadable products

    • Food/grocery items

    • Electronics

    • Live plants – other than ‘air plants’ which may be included with hand-crafted planters/containers

    • Raw materials and crafting supplies are not allowed to be sold in the Handmade store, with the following exceptions:

In addition to our Title, Image, and Customization standards, all Handmade listings must comply with category specific listing policies and requirements as listed below:

Amazon Handmade: Category Listing Policies & Requirements

  • Handmade Artwork Guidelines

  • Handmade Baby Guidelines

  • Handmade Listing Guidelines: Beauty & Grooming

  • Handmade Listing Guidelines: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • Handmade Electronics Accessories Guidelines

  • Handmade Health & Personal Care Guidelines

  • Handmade Listing Guidelines: Jewelry & Watches Guidelines

  • Handmade Listing Guidelines: Pet Supplies

  • Handmade Home & Kitchen Guidelines

  • Handmade Sports & Outdoors Guidelines

  • Handmade Stationery & Party Supplies Guidelines

  • Handmade Toys & Games Guidelines