How to select the best “clean image” for your products to boost sales and impressions?

To help merchants receive more impressions and sales, Wish now enables merchants to select a high-quality “clean image” of their Wish products in Merchant Platform. A high-quality “clean image” allows merchants to clearly represent their products, potentially driving more impressions and sales. We’ve created this FAQ to guide merchants through how to select a qualified “clean image”, along with some good and poor examples of “clean image”.

Why should I select a high-quality “clean image”?

We introduced the functionality for merchants to choose a high-quality “clean image” in order to help merchants derive more potential impressions and sales for their products from external sites or ad platforms. Therefore, the "clean image" you select will only be used for promotional purposes on external sites / ad platforms, and will not change or impact the product images you've already uploaded or the image order.

However, selecting a low-quality "clean image" may result in your product becoming ineligible for future impression-boosting opportunities on external sites or ad platforms.

What are some examples of high-quality “clean images”?

Merchants should consider selecting large, high-quality, high-resolution images that accurately represent the items sold. Make sure that the image is clear and easy to see; the goal is for any reasonable customer to clearly and easily discern what is being sold. If you showcase the item among other props, make sure that the item being sold stands out. As a result, select an image with solid white, gray, or other light-colored background so your product stands out.

Below are some good examples of high-quality “clean images”: