Narrative 的自定义

Shopify 支持团队可为每个付费 Shopify 账户提供 60 分钟的免费设计服务。这 60 分钟的设计服务中包含向模板中添加特定功能,以帮助您的商店获得销售额。

Shopify 支持团队可对 Narrative 执行以下自定义。请查看每个受支持的自定义的描述,确定哪些可能对您的业务有帮助。


设计时间:30 分钟

默认情况下,Narrative 的标头中不会显示搜索图标。




设计时间:15 分钟





设计时间:15 分钟





Customizations for Narrative

Each paid Shopify account receives 60 minutes of free design time from Shopify support. This design time can be used to add specific features to a theme that can help your store make sales.

The following customizations can be made to Narrative by Shopify support. Review the description of each supported customization to determine which might help your business.

Add a search icon

Design time: 30 minutes

By default, Narrative doesn't have a search icon in the header.

This customization adds a search icon to the header that can be clicked to reveal a search form. By displaying the search icon more prominently, customers can find and use the search function more easily.

This is good for stores that have many products or pages that a customer might want to specifically search for.

Change to a sticky header

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the header disappears as a customer scrolls down on a page.

This customization creates a sticky header, which means that the header stays at the top of the page as a customer scrolls down. This ensures that the content of the header, such as the search, cart, and main menu, is always accessible no matter where the customer is on the page.

This customization works well for stores that need to have the header content visible at all times, or have pages that require a lot of scrolling.

Adjust the slideshow autoplay

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the slideshow doesn't move to the next slide automatically.

This customization adds a setting to let slides change automatically after a certain amount of time has passed. You can change the amount of time in your theme settings.

This customization works well for stores that have multiple slides with valuable information for customers that they might miss if they don't click through.