App recommendations

Shopify 现在提供个性化的应用推荐信息,有助于您经营或发展自己的业务。这些推荐基于与您的总市值 (GMV)、月度经常性收入 (MRR)、行业、地址、开店时长和其他属性相似的商店。还有一些建议是按照您的 Shopify 使用方式提供的。

您会在多个位置看到应用推荐,包括 Shopify 后台中的应用页面、Shopify 应用商店主页上的为您推荐部分以及 Shopify 登出页面。

Shopify 后台中的应用推荐不是广告。应用开发者不能通过向 Shopify 支付费用使应用出现在推荐中。


App recommendations

Shopify now provides personalized recommendations for apps that can help you run or grow your business. These recommendations are based on stores that are similar to yours in terms of your gross market value (GMV), your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), your industry, your location, the age of your store, and other attributes. Some recommendations can also be informed by how you're already using Shopify.

You can see app recommendations in several places, including the Apps page in your Shopify admin, the Recommended for you section on the Shopify App Store homepage, and the Shopify log out page.

App recommendations in your Shopify admin are not advertisements. App developers can't pay Shopify to have an app appear in recommendations.