1. 演示视频内容:

  • 不得包含淫秽内容或画面

  • 不得包含仇视性符号

  • 视频展示的产品必须是相应产品详情页所售的产品

  • 每个视频只能展示一个产品

  • 演示视频的时长不能超过30秒

  • 演示视频的大小必须小于50 MB

2. 对wish商户的要求:

  • 商户必须获得以下授权:

    • 获许销售视频中展示的任何产品(例如,如果商户出售普通耳机,但上传 Apple AirPods 的演示视频,则其将会被视为误导用户)

    • 获许销售视频中展示的任何品牌

    • 对视频拥有授予相关法律许可和进行分发的权利

  • 商户必须能够验证和证实视频中做出的任何声明

  • 商户不得在视频中提及竞争对手的产品

  • 商户不得将用户引导至其他平台

3. 对wish演示视频的其他要求:

  • 不得包含嵌入式文本

  • 9:16纵向宽高比

  • 不得包含商户店铺的徽标(Logo)

  • 如果所售产品不是正品品牌产品,则视频的背景或周围区域不能出现可识别的品牌

  • 分辨率高,最低不低于480p

  • 光线充足,以便用户可以看清您的产品


Demo video content policy

To foster a healthy marketplace ecosystem for our merchants and customers alike, merchant-uploaded demo videos are required to comply with Merchant Policies. In particular, Intellectual Property policies and Prohibited Product Listing policy apply to demo videos with detailed requirements below. To learn more about how to upload a demo video for a product, please visit this article.

1. Demo video content:

  • No obscene or graphic content

  • No hateful symbols

  • Video must show the exact product in the listing

  • One product per video only

  • A 30-second limit is required for a demo video

  • A 50 MB limit is required for a demo video

2. Merchant requirements in relation to the demo video:

  • Merchants must be authorized to:

    • Sell any of the product showcased in the video (for example, refrain from selling generic headphones while uploading a demo video showcasing Apple AirPods; this will be considered misleading)

    • Sell any of the brand showcased in the video

    • License and distribute the video

  • Merchants must be able to verify and substantiate any claim made in the video

  • Merchants should not make reference to competitor products in the video

  • Merchants should not direct customers to a different platform

3. Other requirements for the demo video:

  • No embedded texts

  • 9:16 vertical aspect ratio

  • No merchant logos

  • No identifiable brands in the background or surrounding areas of the video, if the product being sold is not an authentic branded product

  • High resolution, Minimum resolution of 480p

  • Abundant lighting, so users can clearly see your product