CollectionBoost 是一个产品推广项目,允许商户自选一组产品来组成一个集合(由商户自己创建和设置),并一起推广这些产品,这些产品集合将放在 Wish 应用和 wish.com 网站上的黄金位置/显眼位置,包括:

  • 搜索:产品集合将在 Wish 搜索结果的第一个区块显示

  • “相关产品”标签页:产品集合将在“相关产品”标签页的第一个区块显示

  • 横幅:Wish 主页横幅、主题横幅

  • 其他显眼位置:“Blitz Buy”(闪电购买)、“历史记录”页、购物车

  • 为最大化 CollectionBoost 活动的效果并助力您提升销量,wish商户平台准备了最佳实践常见问题解答。如需了解更多有关什么是 CollectionBoost 以及如何创建产品集合/设置活动的信息,请查看小编其他文章。wish商户官网原文详情:


CollectionBoost best practices

CollectionBoost is a program that allows merchants to promote their products in customized collections (created and curated by merchants) which will be placed in premium/highly visible locations on the Wish App and wish.com, including:

  • Search: A collection will be the first tile of Wish’s search results

  • Related tab: A collection will be the first tile of a product’s related tab

  • Banners: Wish homepage banners, themed banners

  • Other high-visibility placements: Blitz wheel, History Page, Shopping Car

To help maximize the impact of your CollectionBoost campaigns and increase your sales, we have prepared the following best practices Q&A. For more information on what CollectionBoost is and how to create a collection/set up a campaign, see here.