3. 预算

  • 根据销售或曝光量目标分配足够的预算。根据经验,您的预算应允许您每周为每种产品分配至少数万次曝光量。满足此条件后,建议您优化产品图片来赢得竞争优势。

  • 考虑您的竞争优势。wish建议选择符合预算的产品,ProductBoost 将使用大数据算法来为您的投资争取最大的回报。

4. 试验与优化

上述最佳实践可能对不同会有所不同。的商户和产品在应用珊上您可以充分利用以上最佳实践,花时间进行试验并测试不同的要素,即可学习和优化活动,在 ProductBoost 中取得成功。


  • 创建多个活动同时运行

  • 每次更改一个要素,例如主图或预算

  • 至少试验一段合理的时间,建议至少1周*

  • 找出每次试验的致胜要素并进行优化

*注意:为了帮助商户更好地提升新产品的曝光量,对于在 UTC 时间2020年4月2日上午7时及之后创建的 ProductBoost 活动,若该活动包含此前未曾参加 ProductBoost 活动的产品,该活动将会有最低总花费的限制。如果该活动的持续天数大于或等于5天,则可以免除最低总花费的限制。但是,对于开始时间或自动续期时间在 UCT 时间2021年6月26日上午7时及之后的活动,即使持续天数大于或等于5天,Wish 也不再免除最低总花费限制(也就是说,所有 ProductBoost 活动都有最低总花费的限制,无论持续多久)。

关于最低总花费的更多详情,您可以在商户平台 (merchant.wish.com) 上创建活动时查看。

上述商户义乌冠源进出口有限公司使用 ProductBoost 后,销量增长了771%。即使在 ProductBoost 活动结束后,销量仍然继续攀升。

请记住,ProductBoost 的目标是为所有商户提供平等的竞争环境,无论您身在何处、使用哪种语言、何时加入,以及您的业务规模如何。努力与平台合作并为wish平台的用户提供最佳价值的商户中将获得回馈。

投资 ProductBoost 就是投资您自己的业务,让您在 Wish 平台上大获成功。


准备好开始使用了吗?ProductBoost 适用于所有 Wish 商户,您可以立即开始使用。


3. Budgets

  • Allocate enough budget based on your sale or traffic goal.  A rule of thumb is that your budget should allow you to allocate at least tens of thousands of impressions per product per week. And once this is satisfied, you want to optimize your product image to win the competition.

  • Consider your competitive advantage. We suggest selecting product that fits your budget, ProductBoost will use the big data algorithm to maximize your investments. 

4. Experimentation and Optimization

Above practices might have different applications for different merchants and products.  Take advantage and invest time in experimentation and testing different components, you can learn and optimize your campaigns to achieve success in ProductBoost.

Following are a few best practices for experimentation:

  • Set up multiple campaigns to run simultaneously

  • Change one component, such as the main picture, or budget at a time

  • Run the experiment for at least a reasonable amount of time, suggest at least 1 week*

  • Identify winning elements from each experiment and optimize

*Note: In order to help merchants better optimize the exposure of their newer products, starting April 2, 2020 7:00AM UTC, ProductBoost campaigns created after this time may be subject to a minimum Total Spend if the campaign includes products that have not previously been in a ProductBoost campaign. A campaign’s minimum Total Spend may be waived if the campaign runs for five or more calendar days. However, for campaigns starting or auto-renewing on or after June 26, 2021 7:00AM UTCWish will no longer waive the minimum Total Spend for campaigns that run for five or more days (i.e., the minimum Total Spend will apply to all ProductBoost campaigns, regardless of duration).

More details about the minimum spend are available during campaign creation in the Merchant Dashboard (merchant.wish.com).

For the above merchant Yiwu Guan Yuan Enterprise, sales increased 771% after using ProductBoost.  The sales continued to climb even after ProductBoost campaigns completed. 

Remember, the goal of ProductBoost is to provide an equal playing field for all merchants, no matter where you are, what language you speak, when you join, and what size of your business. The merchants who put diligent efforts in working together with our platform to deliver the best value to our customers are rewarded.

Investing in ProductBoost is investing in your business and your success on the Wish platform.

Want to learn more? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more tips on how to optimize your campaigns.

Ready to get started? ProductBoost is available to all Wish merchants, and you can get started hereimmediately.