符合相关资格的 FBS 产品将在 Wish 应用或 Wish 网站中的“Same Day Pickup”(当天自提)页面显示,可帮助商户在全球范围内增加产品的曝光量。此外,加入 FBS 项目的产品会在北美州和欧洲高需求地区中的3万多个店铺内上架销售,在帮助商户扩大线下用户群的同时,还可缩短用户收到产品所需的时间。


2. How is FBS beneficial for my business?

Eligible FBS products will appear under the ‘Same Day Pickup’ tab in the Wish app or wish.com, increasing the product exposure to more customers on a global scale. Additionally, FBS showcases your products in 30,000+ stores in high-demand areas across North America and Europe to both expand your offline customer base and shorten the time needed for customers to receive products.