wish商户平台Fulfillment By Store (FBS) 概述

Fulfillment By Store (FBS) 是 Wish 推出的一个物流项目,可将您的产品运送至用户附近的线下实体店,从而增加产品的线上和线下曝光量,并提高产品销量。

根据数据分析和预测,Wish 依据策略选择某些畅销和/或高潜力产品,供商户选择加入 FBS;商户将选择的产品配送至 FBW 仓库之后,其中的部分或全部产品将被送至北美州(美国、加拿大和墨西哥)和欧洲高需求地区中的实体店出售。因此您的产品库存不仅将存放在 FBW 仓库中,还会在北美洲和欧洲的3万多个 Wish 线下合作店铺上架,用户将可以在其附近的店铺自提产品。

商户只需将所选库存配送至所选的 FBW 仓库,仓库将负责订单的履行(分拣、包装和配送),包括选择 FBS 产品并运至全球各地的合作线下店铺。

本文将为商户介绍有关 FBS 的更多信息,并解答一些常见问题。

如何为我的账户开通 FBS?

FBS 项目向所有商户开放。商户可以在商户平台上前往“FBS”>“概览”页面,在“Wish 精选产品”部分(Wish 依据策略选择的一些畅销和/或高潜力产品,供商户选择加入 FBS)选择产品。您可以点击此处了解更多有关 FBS 概览和 Wish 精选产品的信息。

在"Wish 精选产品”部分选择产品后,商户可创建配送计划,将所选产品配送至所选的 FBW 仓库。您可以点击此处了解具体步骤。产品到达 FBW 仓库之后,所选的部分或所有产品将可在线下店铺出售,用户可在 Wish 应用或 Wish 网站中的“Same Day Pickup”(当天自提)页面下单购买。


Fulfillment By Store (FBS) overview

Fulfillment By Store (FBS) is a Wish logistics program that enables your products to be available in offline stores near your customers, increasing both the online and offline exposure and sales of your products.

Based on forecasting data and insights, Wish strategically recommends certain high-potential products for merchants to select from for FBS; after merchants ship selected products to FBW warehouses, some or all of them will be available for sale in stores in high demand areas across North America (the U.S., Canada, Mexico) and Europe. This means that the inventory is not only stocked in FBW warehouses, but also in our 30,000+ partner pickup stores around North America and Europe in close proximity to the customers.

Merchants simply ship their selected inventory to the chosen FBW warehouses, and the warehouses will take care of order fulfillment (pick, pack, and ship) including selecting and sending inventory to offline stores across the globe.

This article walks merchants through some overview information and frequently asked questions about FBS.

1. How do I get FBS enabled for my account?

The FBS program is available to all merchants. Merchants may get started with FBS by selecting products from Wish’s Picks, a section on the FBS > Overview page that recommends a list of high-potential products to merchants for FBS. Click here to learn more about the FBS Overview page and Wish’s Picks.

After confirming selected products from Wish’s Picks for FBS, merchants may create shipping plans to deliver the selected products to chosen FBW warehouses. Detailed steps for creating FBS shipping plans can be found here. After arriving at FBW warehouses, some or all of the selected products will then be available for sale in offline stores once customers make a ‘Same Day Pickup’ purchase in Wish app or wish.com.