Amazon Explore 直播指南

对于所有 Amazon Explore 体验,您必须尊重他人的隐私。您不得推动、鼓励、参与、征求活动或分享违反他人合理隐私期望的内容。在进行直播时,您还必须遵守所有适用法律。您有责任确保获得所有必要的权限、同意或许可以对您的体验进行直播,包括来自您体验所在地的权限、同意或许可。即使是在公共位置,您也可能需要获得在直播中拍摄到的个人以及您进行直播所在的位置的许可。在提供 Amazon Explore 体验之前,您必须确定必要的权限。


请记住,您可以通过点按屏幕右下角的红色按钮随时终止体验。此外,请参阅 Amazon Explore 社区准则,其中概述了绩效标准和禁止的行为。如果您想要报告问题,请联系我们。


Amazon Explore streaming guidelines

For all Amazon Explore experiences, you must respect the privacy of others. You may not feature, encourage, engage, solicit activities or share content that violates another person's reasonable expectation of privacy. You must also comply with all applicable laws when streaming. It is your responsibility to secure any necessary permissions, consents, or licenses to stream your experience, including from the location of your experience. Even in public locations, you may be required to obtain permission of individuals captured in the stream as well as the location where you are streaming. Prior to offering your experience on Amazon Explore, you must determine the necessary permissions.

If a business or property owner objects to you streaming a session in their location, you must leave the location immediately. Similarly, if asked by a bystander what you are doing during a session, indicate that you are doing a live stream. If an individual objects to being captured in the stream, you must immediately stop streaming that person, and move to another location if necessary to avoid streaming that person again.

Remember that you are able to terminate an experience at any time by tapping and holding the red button in the lower right corner of the screen. In addition, refer to the Amazon Explore community guidelines, which outlines performance standards and prohibited conduct. If you would like to report an issue, please contact us.