Debut 模板十分灵活,适用于所有商店,无论库存大小。通过 Debut,您可以快速开设商店并开始进行销售。Debut 外观精美,不包含任何模板自定义。

如果您想实现以下目的,则 Debut 就是理想选择:

  • 可以立即开始进行销售,无需对模板进行大量的自定义设置

  • 确保您的商店在平板电脑和智能手机上显示效果良好

自定义 Debut

您可通过自定义分区和模板设置为商店准备 Debut。分区是确定在线商店中不同页面布局的内容块。模板设置决定商店的字体、颜色、社交媒体链接以及结账外观。

请参阅自定义 Debut 分区和模板设置的步骤,以便您可以设置适用于您业务的模板。

Debut 的分区


Shopify 的模板包含以下分区类型:

  • 静态分区:显示在您在线商店中的预定地点的分区。无法删除或重新排列此类分区。静态分区可能包括产品页面和产品系列页面等页面上的标头、页脚、网站地图分区或内容分区。例如,产品分区决定在线商店中每个产品页面的外观。

  • 动态分区:可选分区,可用于自定义主页的布局。在商店主页上,您可以添加、重新排列和删除动态分区以创建页面布局。您的主页上最多可以包含 25 个动态分区。

您可以了解 Debut 的独特分区选择以及如何对它们进行自定义以适用于您的业务。

提示 如果使用来自 Shopify 的免费模板,那么您可以通过参阅来自 Shopify 的免费模板以及点击模板的名称来查看此模板的分区和设置的详细信息。



Debut 包括以下静态分区:

  • 标头

  • 页脚

  • 产品页面

  • 产品推荐

  • 产品系列页面

  • 产品系列列表页面

  • 博客页面

  • 文章

  • 购物车页面


Debut 包括以下动态分区:

  • 博客文章

  • 产品系列列表

  • 特色产品系列

  • 图库

  • 带文本的图片

  • 带文本叠加的图片

  • logo 列表

  • 特色产品

  • 新闻通讯

  • 地图

  • 富文本

  • 感言

  • 带图片的文本列

  • 视频

  • 自定义内容

  • 幻灯片



Debut is a flexible theme that is suitable for all stores, regardless of inventory size. With Debut you can quickly set up a store and start selling. Debut looks polished without any theme customizations.

Debut is ideal if you want to do the following:

  • start selling right away, without the need to make a lot of customizations to your theme

  • make sure your store displays well on tablets and smartphones

Customize Debut

You can prepare Debut for your online store by customizing its sections and theme settings. Sections are blocks of content that determine the layout of different pages on your online store. Theme settings control your store's fonts, colors, social media links, and the appearance of your checkout.

See the steps to customize Debut's sections and theme settings so that you can set the theme up to suit your business.

Sections for Debut

Theme content is built using sections. Sections are customizable blocks of content that determine the layout and appearance of different pages on your online store. You can add, remove, edit, and customize sections using the updated theme editor.

Shopify's themes have the following types of sections:

  • Static sections: Sections that appear in predetermined locations in your online store. These sections can't be removed or rearranged. Static sections might include headers, footers, navigation sections, or content sections on pages like product pages and collection pages. For example, the Product section determines the appearance of each product page on your online store.

  • Dynamic sections: Optional sections that you can use to customize the layout of your home page. On your store's home page, you can add, rearrange, and remove dynamic sections to create the page layout. You can have up to 25 dynamic sections on your home page.

You can learn about Debut's unique selection of sections and how to customize them to suit your business.

Static sections

Debut includes the following static sections:

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Product pages

  • Product recommendations

  • Collection pages

  • Collections list page

  • Blog pages

  • Posts

  • Cart page

Dynamic sections

Debut includes the following dynamic sections:

  • Blog posts

  • Collection list

  • Featured collection

  • Gallery

  • Image with text

  • Image with text overlay

  • Logo list

  • Featured product

  • Newsletter

  • Map

  • Rich text

  • Testimonials

  • Text columns with images

  • Video

  • Custom content

  • Slideshow