Socket Mobile 1D 条码扫描器

您可以使用 Socket Mobile S700 或 CHS 7Ci 条码扫描器扫描数字和打印的 1D 条码。

Socket Mobile S700 和 CHS 7Ci 是轻型的便携式条码扫描器,可以无线连接到 Shopify POS。

1D 条码扫描器的适用对象是谁?

如果要快速将产品添加到 Shopify POS 购物车中而不必浏览目录以查找它们,则应使用 Socket Mobile S700 或 CHS 7Ci 1D 条码扫描器。

扫描器通过蓝牙无线连接到 Shopify POS,因此您可以在市场、交易会、快闪店或实体店中使用它。扫描器可通过将附带的充电线缆或充电座插入电源插座的方式充电。充满电后,扫描器的电池最多可以使用 14 个小时(大约扫描 15,000 次)。


若要在您的 Shopify 商店中使用此硬件,您需要满足以下要求:

  • 全新 Shopify POS

  • 运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的兼容 iPad 或 iPhone 或者运行 5.0 版 (Lollipop) 或更高版本的兼容 Android 设备 Shopify POS 应用适用于满足以下要求的设备:

iPhone运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的 iPhone 5s 或更新的设备
iPad Air运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备
iPad运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 5 代或更新的设备
iPad mini运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备
iPad Pro运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的所有 iPad Pro 型号设备
Android运行版本 7.0 (Nougat) 或更高版本的 Android 设备

备注:Shopify POS 应用不支持 iOS 测试版。

iOS 14 权限要求

如果您已将设备更新为 iOS 14 或更高版本,并使用第三方 Shopify 应用,则可能需要在 iOS 设置中启用跨网站跟踪。通过使用跨网站跟踪,您已在 Shopify 后台安装的第三方 Shopify 应用可在 Shopify Inbox、Shopify POS 和 Shopify 移动应用中保持连接。


  1. 在设备上打开设置应用。

  2. 点击 ShopifyShopify POS 或 Shopify Inbox

  3. 启用允许跨网站跟踪

Socket Mobile 1D 条码扫描器的购买地点

您可以从以下供应商处购买 Socket Mobile 1D 条码扫描器:


加拿大Shopify 硬件商店

美国Shopify 硬件商店

英国Shopify 硬件商店

爱尔兰Shopify 硬件商店

德国Shopify 硬件商店

荷兰Shopify 硬件商店

丹麦Shopify 硬件商店

比利时Shopify 硬件商店西班牙Shopify 硬件商店
澳大利亚Shopify 硬件商店

新西兰Shopify 硬件商店


将条码扫描器与 iPad 或 iPhone 配对并连接

  1. 转到 iPad 或 iPhone 设置(而非应用设置)并确保已开启蓝牙

  2. 按住电源按钮直到扫描器发出哔声,打开条码扫描器。

  3. 在 Shopify POS 中,点击  > 设置

  4. 点击设置硬件 > 条码扫描器

  5. 出现启用配对模式对话框时,扫描条码。启用配对模式时,扫描器将发出三次哔声。

  6. 点击查看可用设备

  7. 要配对和连接条码扫描器,请在扫描器出现在选择配件对话框中时点击它(您可能需要等待一会儿)。


只要扫描器与 iPad 或 iPhone 保持配对,扫描器就会在处于连接范围内时自动连接。

与其他 iPad、iPhone 或其他蓝牙设备配对

您可以将您的扫描器与其他 iPad、iPhone 或蓝牙设备配对。


  1. 取消配对条码扫描器。

  2. 将扫描器与其他 iPad 配对,或参阅制造商的说明以与其他蓝牙设备配对。


Socket Mobile 1D barcode scanner

You can use the Socket Mobile S700 or CHS 7Ci barcode scanner to scan both digital and printed 1D barcodes.

The Socket Mobile S700 and CHS 7Ci are lightweight, portable barcode scanners that connect wirelessly to Shopify POS.

Who is the 1D barcode scanner for?

You should use the Socket Mobile S700 or CHS 7Ci 1D barcode scanners if you want to add products to the Shopify POS cart quickly without browsing your catalog to find them.

The scanner connects wirelessly to Shopify POS with Bluetooth, so you can use the scanner at markets, fairs, popup locations, or a physical store. It's charged by plugging the included charging cable or cradle into a power socket. When fully charged, the scanner's battery lasts for up to 14 hours (about 15,000 scans).


To use this hardware with your Shopify store, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • the all-new Shopify POS

  • a compatible iPad or iPhone that is running iOS 12.2 or higher OR a compatible Android device that is running version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

The Shopify POS app works with devices which meet the following requirements:

iPhoneiPhone 5s or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad AirGeneration 2 or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPadGeneration 5 or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad miniGeneration 2 or higher running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad ProAll iPad Pro models running iOS 12.2 or higher
AndroidAndroid device running version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher

iOS 14 permission requirements

If you have updated your device to iOS 14 or higher and use third-party Shopify apps, then you might need to enable Cross-Website tracking in your iOS settings. Cross-Website tracking lets third-party Shopify apps that you have installed in your Shopify admin stay connected in Shopify Inbox, Shopify Point of Sale, and the Shopify mobile app.

To enable Cross-Website tracking, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.

  2. Tap ShopifyShopify POS, or Shopify Inbox.

  3. Enable Allow Cross-Website Tracking.

Where to buy the Socket Mobile 1D barcode scanner

You can buy the Socket Mobile 1D barcode scanner from the following suppliers:


CanadaShopify Hardware Store

The United StatesShopify Hardware Store

The United KingdomShopify Hardware Store

IrelandShopify Hardware Store

GermanyShopify Hardware Store

NetherlandsShopify Hardware Store

DenmarkShopify Hardware Store

BelgiumShopify Hardware StoreSpainShopify Hardware Store
AustraliaShopify Hardware Store

New ZealandShopify Hardware Store

Pair and connect your barcode scanner with your iPad or iPhone

  1. Go to your iPad or iPhone settings (not the app settings) and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. Turn on the barcode scanner by holding down the power button until the scanner beeps.

  3. From Shopify POS, tap  > Settings.

  4. Tap Set up hardware > Barcode scanner.

  5. When the Enable pairing mode dialog appears, scan the barcode. The scanner beeps three times when pairing mode is enabled.

  6. Tap View available devices.

  7. To pair and connect the barcode scanner, tap it when it appears in the Select An Accessory dialog (you might have to wait a few moments).

If the setup is not successful, then unpair the scanner and try again.

As long as the scanner remains paired with the iPad or iPhone, the scanner connects automatically whenever it's in range.

Pair with another iPad, iPhone, or a different Bluetooth device

You can pair your scanner with another iPad, iPhone, or Bluetooth device.


  1. Unpair the barcode scanner.

  2. Pair your scanner with another iPad, or read the manufacturer's instructions to pair with a different Bluetooth device.