您在此输入的产品 ID 或 URL 应与产品集合中的产品具有某种相关性。举例而言,如果您销售的是哑铃,则应选择其他哑铃、健身带及任何其他家庭健身房设备的相关产品。请注意,此处输入的产品 ID 或 URL 可以是其他商户的产品,也可以是您自己的产品。您可以前往产品 > 查看所有产品页面,在“产品 ID”列下查看您产品的 ID。

如果您希望添加其他商户的产品,则可在该产品的 URL 中查找对应的产品 ID。


3. How should I select my Related Products?

You will have the option to set Related Products when creating a collection. These products will be utilized to optimize the placement of collections that you are running campaigns for. 

The product IDs or URLs you enter here should have some type of relevancy to the products in your collection. For example, if you are selling dumbbells, you would ideally select Related Products that include other dumbbells, exercise bands, and any other home gym equipment. Please note that you can include product IDs or URLs from other merchants’ products here, as well as your own products. You may find product IDs for your own products under the Product ID column in Products > View All Products.

You can find product IDs for other merchants’ products in the URL of the product you want to add.