Amazon Accelerator


通过 Amazon Accelerator 计划,制造商能够在亚马逊商城独家发布品牌和创新商品,并且有机会成为亚马逊自有品牌供应商。



参与 Amazon Accelerator 计划的卖家有机会成为亚马逊自有品牌供应商。亚马逊会选择成功的 Accelerator 计划参与者作为亚马逊自有品牌供应商,并且可能会购买某些参与 Accelerator 计划的品牌。如果我们选择购买您的品牌,您品牌的价格和/或费用计算结果将包含在您的 Accelerator 计划协议中。




亚马逊将对您的品牌保持独家销售权。其他卖家不能为您的 ASIN 添加报价。




品牌将获得一系列营销支持,包括在亚马逊网站上销售商品和免费参与 Amazon Vine 计划。评分和评论较高的商品还可能会在亚马逊商城获得更多广告位。






  1. 转至 Accelerator 着陆页,然后点击“注册”,并完成我们的调查问卷
  2. 为您的商品建立品牌,并确保您的商标已注册或处于待注册状态
  3. 通过亚马逊接受的社会审计,证明自己符合亚马逊的供应商行为准则中的要求。您应负责承担与获得所需审计结果相关的任何费用。
  4. 使用亚马逊物流或卖家自配送 Prime 服务配送商品


如果我们批准您的“我要开店”账户参与 Amazon Accelerator 计划,亚马逊将按照计划费用向您收费。我们将在账户级别收取费用,并且这些费用适用于与您的账户相关的所有销售活动。我们不会为已提供的服务退款。该计划的费用比“我要开店”费用价目表中的销售佣金额外高出 7%。

在您销售“时尚”类(服装与配饰、鞋靴箱包、珠宝首饰、钟表、箱包)商品时,该计划的费用比“我要开店”费用价目表中“服装与配饰”类商品的销售佣金额外高出 7%,无论您销售的是哪一种“时尚”类商品都是如此。



要参与 Amazon Accelerator 计划,您还需要遵守其他条款和条件。我们将为您提供计划条款,您必须接受这些条款,才能完成申请流程。

Accelerator 计划的功能和优势可能会发生变化。



Amazon Accelerator

Overview and Benefits

Amazon Accelerator enables manufacturers to launch brands and innovative products exclusively on Amazon and provides a path to become an Amazon Private Brands supplier.

Program Summary

Path to Amazon Private Brands

The Amazon Accelerator program is a potential entry into Amazon Private Brands. Successful Amazon Accelerator participants may be selected to become suppliers for our Amazon Private Brands, and certain Amazon Accelerator brands may be purchased by Amazon. If we opt to purchase your brand, the price and/or calculation of it will be contained in your Amazon Accelerator agreement.

Brand Exclusivity

Suppliers will create and trademark their own Amazon-exclusive brand. The brand will remain exclusive to Amazon.

Brand Protection

Amazon will maintain exclusivity over your brand. No other sellers can add offers to your ASINs.

Supplier-Driven Selection

You determine what products to launch based on your category expertise. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to recommend proven high-quality and high-rated products.

Marketing Services

Brands will receive a suite of marketing support, including site merchandising and free access to our Vine program. Products with high ratings and reviews may also receive additional placements across Amazon.

Onboarding Support

Suppliers will receive guided support, a toolset to tell the brand story, and analytics to track brand performance.

Testing & Learning

You can easily test new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.

Eligibility and How to apply

  1. Go to the Amazon Accelerator landing page and click on sign up to complete our questionnaire
  2. Develop branding for your products and make sure your trademark is registered or pending registration
  3. Demonstrate compliance with Amazon’s Supplier Code of Conduct through social audits that Amazon accepts. You are responsible for any costs associated with obtaining the required audits
  4. Fulfill products using Fulfillment by Amazon or Seller Fulfilled Prime


If we approve your Selling on Amazon account for participation in the Amazon Accelerator, you will be charged in accordance with the program fees. Fees will be applied at the account level and will apply to all sales associated with your account. No refunds will be issued for services already provided. The program fee is an additional 7% premium to the Referral Fees described on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

When selling products under Fashion categories (Clothing & Accessories, Shoes & Bags, Jewelry, Watches, Luggage), the fee for the program is an additional 7% premium to the Referral Fees described on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule for Clothing & Accessories regardless of which Fashion category product you sell.

Fees are subject to change.

Additional Terms

Participation in the Amazon Accelerator is subject to additional terms and conditions. You will be provided with, and required to accept, the program terms in order to complete the application process.

Amazon Accelerator features and benefits are subject to change.