Shopify POS 常见问题解答

Shopify POS 适用于哪些设备?

备注:Shopify POS 应用不再支持 iOS 11.4.1 及以下版本。在此日期后,您可以继续使用此应用,但是将无法再更新它。为了享受 bug 修复和新功能,您需要将设备的操作系统更新到 12.2 或更高版本。如果无法进行此更新,请改为在运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本系统的其他设备上使用 Shopify POS。

Shopify POS 应用适用于满足以下要求的设备:

iPhone运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的 iPhone 5s 或更新的设备
iPad Air运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备
iPad运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 5 代或更新的设备
iPad mini运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备
iPad Pro运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的所有 iPad Pro 型号设备
Android运行版本 7.0 (Nougat) 或更高版本的 Android 设备

备注:Shopify POS 应用不支持 iOS 测试版。

iOS 14 权限要求

如果您已将设备更新为 iOS 14 或更高版本,并使用第三方 Shopify 应用,则可能需要在 iOS 设置中启用跨网站跟踪。通过使用跨网站跟踪,您已在 Shopify 后台安装的第三方 Shopify 应用可在 Shopify Inbox、Shopify POS 和 Shopify 移动应用中保持连接。


  1. 在设备上打开设置应用。

  2. 点击 ShopifyShopify POS 或 Shopify Inbox

  3. 启用允许跨网站跟踪

Shopify POS 和 POS Pro 有何区别?

Shopify POS 是一款 POS 应用,具有可为实体店提供支持的一系列功能。所有 Shopify 订阅套餐中均包含 Shopify POS 应用。

Shopify POS Pro 是 Shopify POS 的一项附加服务,可为实体商店解锁其他功能。开始使用 Shopify POS 后,可在 14 天免费试用期内使用 Pro 功能。该时间到期后,您可以选择每月支付一笔额外费用,以继续在零售商店中使用 Pro 功能。如果不继续使用,您的应用将自动恢复为免费版本的 Shopify POS,您无需进行任何操作。

如果我不想在线销售,为什么还需要 Shopify 商店?

无论您在何处销售,都可以使用 Shopify 商店管理信息,例如客户、库存和账户详细信息。Shopify POS 应用处理面向客户的活动和您的商店内设置。


只需拥有受支持的设备、Shopify POS 应用、Shopify 商店(您可以通过应用创建)以及要销售的产品即可。Shopify POS 适用于各种零售硬件,例如现金抽屉、iPad 支架、收据打印机和条码扫描器,但是即使没有这些物件您也可以处理销售。特定国家/地区的 Shopify 硬件商店中提供 Shopify POS 硬件。有关详细信息,请访问 Shopify 硬件商店。

什么是员工 PIN?

Shopify POS 推出了员工 PIN,这是用于访问 Shopify POS 应用的每位员工唯一的四位数个人识别码 (PIN)。

当登录的员工通过 Shopify POS 处理结账时,他们的员工姓名将与该订单绑定。您可以在 Shopify POS 的订单详细信息视图中以及 Shopify 后台的订单时间表中查看处理订单的员工。

如果您不确定向某位员工分配的 PIN 是什么,您可以在后台中为其设置新的员工 PIN。


  1. 在 Shopify 后台中,导航到设置。

  2. 点击用户和权限

  3. 点击要编辑的员工账户名称。

  4. 在 POS 访问权限部分中,启用为此员工授予 POS 访问权限权限。

  5. 在 PIN 部分中,输入四位数 PIN 或点击生成新 PIN,以便员工可以使用该 PIN 登录 Shopify POS。

  6. 点击保存


Shopify POS FAQ

Shopify POS FAQ

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  • What devices does Shopify POS work with?

  • What is the difference between Shopify POS and POS Pro?

  • Why do I need a Shopify store if I don't want to sell online?

  • What do I need apart from the app?

  • What is a Staff PIN?

  • Do I have to sell the same products in-store as I do online?

  • Does the app work in every country and currency?

  • Why are some (or all) of my products missing from Shopify POS?

  • How do I make products available only on Shopify POS?

  • What languages does Shopify POS support?

What devices does Shopify POS work with?

The Shopify POS app works with devices which meet the following requirements:

iPhoneiPhone 5s or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad AirGeneration 2 or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPadGeneration 5 or better running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad miniGeneration 2 or higher running iOS 12.2 or higher
iPad ProAll iPad Pro models running iOS 12.2 or higher
AndroidAndroid device running version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher

iOS 14 permission requirements

If you have updated your device to iOS 14 or higher and use third-party Shopify apps, then you might need to enable Cross-Website tracking in your iOS settings. Cross-Website tracking lets third-party Shopify apps that you have installed in your Shopify admin stay connected in Shopify Inbox, Shopify Point of Sale, and the Shopify mobile app.

To enable Cross-Website tracking, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.

  2. Tap ShopifyShopify POS, or Shopify Inbox.

  3. Enable Allow Cross-Website Tracking.

What is the difference between Shopify POS and POS Pro?

The Shopify POS is a Point of Sale app that has a wide range of features to support your brick-and-mortar store. The Shopify POS app is included with all Shopify subscription plans.

Shopify POS Pro is an add-on to Shopify POS that unlocks additional features for brick-and-mortar businesses. Pro features are available for a free 14 day trial when you start using Shopify POS. At that time, you may choose to continue to use Pro features for your retail stores for an additional monthly fee. If not, your app will automatically revert back to the free version of Shopify POS, no action is required on your part.

Why do I need a Shopify store if I don't want to sell online?

Your Shopify store is where you manage information such as your customers, inventory, and account details regardless of where you sell. The Shopify POS app handles customer-facing activities and your in-store settings.

What do I need apart from the app?

The only essentials are a supported device, the Shopify POS app, a Shopify store (which you can create from the app), and a product to sell. Shopify POS works with a variety of retail hardware, such as a cash drawer, iPad stand, receipt printer, and barcode scanner, but you can process sales without these items. Shopify POS hardware is available from the Shopify Hardware Store in certain countries. For more information, visit the Shopify Hardware Store.

What is a Staff PIN?

Shopify POS introduces staff pins which are a unique four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to access the Shopify POS app.

When a logged-in staff processes a checkout through Shopify POS, their staff name is tied to that order. You can check which staff processed an order on the order's detail view in Shopify POS, and in the order's Timeline in the Shopify admin.

If you unsure what PIN is assigned to a staff member, you can set a new staff pin for them in the admin.


  1. In the Shopify admin, navigate to settings.

  2. Click Users and permissions.

  3. Click on the staff account name you want to edit.

  4. In the Point of sale access section, enable the Give Point of sale access to this staff permission.

  5. In the PIN section, enter a four-digit PIN or click Generate new PIN so that the staff can use that PIN to log in to Shopify POS.

  6. Click Save.

Do I have to sell the same products in-store as I do online?

No. When you add products in your Shopify admin, you can decide whether to make them available online, in-store, or both.