Shopify Mobile

使用 Shopify 应用,您可以通过您的 iPhone 或 Android 设备来管理商店。只需下载该应用并登录您的 Shopify 账户,即可开始运营业务。

Shopify 应用的 OS 要求

Shopify 应用可在 Android 设备和 iOS 设备上运行,包括 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod Touch。Shopify 应用支持以下 OS 版本:

  • iOS - 10.3 版或更高版本

  • Android - 第 7 版或更高版本

iOS 14 权限要求

如果您已将设备更新为 iOS 14 或更高版本,并使用第三方 Shopify 应用,则可能需要在 iOS 设置中启用跨网站跟踪。通过使用跨网站跟踪,您已在 Shopify 后台安装的第三方 Shopify 应用可在 Shopify Inbox、Shopify POS 和 Shopify 移动应用中保持连接。


  1. 在设备上打开设置应用。

  2. 点击 Shopify、Shopify POS 或 Shopify Inbox。

  3. 启用允许跨网站跟踪。

安装 Shopify 应用

下载并安装专为您的设备或计算机上的操作系统设计的 Shopify 应用。

在 Shopify 应用中,您可以查看商店业绩、管理订单以及更新产品目录。通知会让您了解新订单的下单时间,或者当有人在时间表评论上提及您时通知您。您甚至可以从该应用获取款项并创建发货。


Shopify mobile

With the Shopify app, you can manage your store from your iPhone or Android. Simply download the app and log in to your Shopify account to get started running your business.

OS requirements for the Shopify app

The Shopify app works on Android devices and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The Shopify app supports the following OS versions:

  • iOS - version 10.3 or later

  • Android - version 7 or later

iOS 14 permission requirements

If you have updated your device to iOS 14 or higher and use third-party Shopify apps, then you might need to enable Cross-Website tracking in your iOS settings. Cross-Website tracking lets third-party Shopify apps that you have installed in your Shopify admin stay connected in Shopify Inbox, Shopify Point of Sale, and the Shopify mobile app.

To enable Cross-Website tracking, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.

  2. Tap Shopify, Shopify POS, or Shopify Inbox.

  3. Enable Allow Cross-Website Tracking.

Install the Shopify app

Download and install the Shopify app that is designed for the operating system on your device or computer.

From the Shopify app, you can see how your store is performing, manage your orders, and update your catalog. Notifications let you know when a new order comes in or somebody mentions you in a Timeline comment. You can even capture payments and create fulfillments from the app.